ZOQ Art & Design – Refined Taste

By Madiha Ajaz

ZOQ, defined as “refined taste”, is the brainchild of Ms. Chandi. In her personal statement, Ms. Chandi describes ZOQ Art & Design as a company that celebrates diversity in people and design. Along with designing interiors, ZOQ is also a platform for established Southeastern artists. It officially launched its Art Gallery in 2010, and showcases a wide range of remarkable paintings. You can easily view and buy these painting online via ZOQ Art & Design’s official Facebook page.

Having worked as an interior designer in New York and Pakistan, ZOQ’s signiture style is a mix of east meets west. Be it contemporary modern, or traditional glamor – ZOQ’s style is based entirely on what appeals to the client. Catering both residential and commercial units, ZOQ will provide its clients with the finest of art pieces along with stunning interiors.

ZOQ Art & Design is delighted to be a part of IFDC PretACover Buyers’ Lane, calling it the most revolutionary event of its time. So if you are looking for someone to design your home interiors, or to buy a new piece of painting, head over to PretACover to meet Ms. Chandi and be amazed by what she has to offer.

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