Zeruj Port: World’s First Women-Specific Modest Fashion Mall

By Madiha Ajaz

Until recently, shopping for modest fashion had always been a challenge for women with a taste for trendy, yet conservative clothing. The majority of the modest fashion brands are either exclusively online, or have stores few and far between.      

Nonetheless, as the modest fashion industry is successfully making its mark in the mainstream fashion world, more and more modest fashion events are being held around the world to promote modest clothing designers. Cities such as Dubai, Torino and Istanbul, among others, have very recently held remarkable events celebrating modest fashion in 2018 
Istanbul also hosts the Zeruj Festival annually to further encourage modest fashion designers to showcase their talent on a global platform. Zehra Ozkaymaz, the brains behind Zeruj Festival, has now opened a mall dedicated to modest fashion: Zeruj Port. Inaugurated in May, and located in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, Zeruj Port is a revolutionary concept for the modest fashion industry. The mall houses 126 stores that are owned by women, and target female consumers.  

In a world where many physical, brick and mortar shops are closing and moving solely into e-commerce operations, it is encouraging to see so many modest fashion brands who are famous online, opening their first retail stores at Zeruj Port.  


The mall is a promising opportunity for new designers and fashion bloggers to smoothly transition from purely digital platforms to the retail world. Women who wish to shop a variety of modest styles, from casual to classy and high-end designer brands, can now do so under one roof at Zeruj Port.  And, these physical spaces are much more than just retail units, they serve as a meeting place for modest designers and consumers, to interact and share ideas, allowing the modest market to bloom. 


Already successfully attracting international modest clothing shoppers, Zeruj Port is proving the demand and spending power of this market, while simultaneously strengthening Turkey’s tourism economy. With the global Islamic fashion sector estimated to be worth $322 billion by 2018, we look forward to seeing how other countries and the fashion industry as a whole will further embrace the modest market. 

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