You can still be a Cinderella On Your wedding day

By Liam & Jeila

Well, we live in a century where everything moves fast. And of course it affects the fashion industry as well. The term fast fashion recently entered our lexicon for a reason. In 2016 alone, 24 different trends hung proudly in our closets as we kept up with the challenges of keeping up.

This has impacted haute couture, and bridal fashion as well. Bridal choices two-piece dresses, with crop tops, sheer embroidered wide-leg jumpsuits, or just the silk slip dresses over the big, puffy, embellished, and so on. Not all suits our modest inclination, though we too wish to be every bit the princess on our special day as well.


So let’s talk about the Muslim couturier, Hajar Malek, who has devoted her life to fashion, designing the most exquisite, unique pieces, all made by her mighty hands. At the moments, she is the only well-known Muslim fashion designer in the far-away land- Australia among the other famous Aussie couturiers doing what she does.

Hajar is loyal to her signature style and is designing dream dresses using unique fashion techniques, making sure that every stitch is meticulously placed, embellishing each gown by hand. She believes every creation should be all about the bride, complimenting her personality and enhancing her unique beauty. With dresses designed by Hajar, you can still have your story book wedding. This is your day, so go ahead and Say Yes, to the Dress!


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