Yasmin Le Bon, Credits Success to Her Muslim Roots

Yasmin - Elle Mag We recently met Super Model of the 80’s Yasmin Le Bon at Fashion Forward in Dubai. Born of an Iranian father and a British mother, and married to the 80’s hit band Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon. Yasmin has often talked about the many things that she admires about her Muslim roots. Recently she mentioned, “Even if at times my parents’ different customs clashed, they taught me how it is possible to surpass those bad moments which any marriage goes through, because they stuck together until my mother passed away. And that was possible, partly, because of my father. In the Muslim culture it’s extremely important to fight for the spouse. In Europe, marriages are becoming less and less stable. In the Middle East, commitment is something very serious, and I admire that a lot.”

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