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5Ive Pillars


5pillars combines Western street culture with Islamic and Eastern aesthetics. Wearers of 5pillars can express their Islamic identity as every fashion piece includes Islamic art and literature.

Street style clothing for men and women and accessories

Hoodies around 50€, T-Shirts around 30€, necklaces from around 60€ to 76€

AAB Collection

London, UK

AAB exemplifies modest fashion through its embroidered clothing. The collections are made up of interchangeable pieces, working together
to create a wardrobe that transitions seamlessly from day to evening,
weekday to weekend, and season to season.

Formal-wear, casual-wear, hijabs and accessories.

Clothing ranges from £35-£70. Hijabs/accessories £15-£25

Aneeq Apparell

Philadelphia, PA.

Started in 2017, ANEEQ is a Men’s High-End Designer Thobe Line  focusing on high-quality stylish thobes for Muslim Men.

3 collections available from Eid wear and every day wear to the  IBDAA3 Collection that is the combination of contemporary Middle Eastern and modern sportswear.

Thobes from $115-$135


El Cajon, USA

Artizara was founded by Sarah Ansari who drew inspiration from Islamic artistry when coming up with the idea for her business. Looking up at the ceiling of an ancient mosque with its interlocking patterns reminded her of the fact that all people are connected through witnessing beauty in life – a statement which pieces, sold by Artizara, are intended to emphasize. Additionally, they transport spiritual and religious meanings as some jewellery for example is inscribed with the Ayat al Kursi verse of protection which is included in the Quran.

Womenswear, jewellery, art and interior objects

Modest dresses from $90 to $150, jewellery from around $40 to $200

Cover me

Bolton, USA

Innovative and attractive modest clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. Coverme sources their main fabrics from the Middle East and all of their abayas are hand finished in house ensuring each piece is beautifully finished and of high quality.

Coverme offers abayas, kimonos, dresses and accessories for all occasions

2021 collection ranges from $39.99- $119.99


Marseille, France

Founded in 2015 by two friends. This brand prides itself on offering a modern, clean design that marries Western staples with traditional Islamic silhouettes.

Men's clothing and accessories including suits, outerwear and Men's grooming accessories

Best selling suits retail at €59.90 – €74.90  with their latest casual collection selling between €39,90– €84.90


Milton Keynes, England

Inayah is an online shop which sells Hijabs and modest dresses

Maxi dresses and Hijabs

Hijabs about £25, dresses from around £55 to £125


Minnesota, USA

Inherit pride themselves on creating quality apparel for women who believe modest fashion is not about showing the world your style – it is simply about being true to yourself by combining effortless looks and quality fabrics into authentic looks.

Inherit offers women's shoes to suit every style – from comfy courts and elegant heels to summery sandals and effortless pumps.

Shoe collection range from $25.95 - $56


United States

LOUELLA BY IBTIHAJ is a family owned and operated modest fashion brand, founded by US Olympic fencing medallist Ibtihaj Muhammad.  Taking inspirational cues from luxury fashion houses, their silhouettes are modern, functional, and stylish. They create easy-to-wear pieces to help provide intimacy and comfort. Pieces perfect for providing a loose and forgiving silhouette which not only feels cool but also avoids restricting our bodies and the way we move.

Women's clothing range, including elegant dresses, kimonos, t-shirts, jumpsuits and more. Perfect for every occasion!

Shop their signature collection from $80-$120. Beautiful dresses range from $75-$125

Love Closely

Toronto, Canada

Love Closely stands for streetwear which is rooted in tradition, culture and history. Each fashion piece combines modern art and fashion and aims at creating social consciousness within the Middle Eastern and South Asian community. By combining the Western and Eastern culture, Love Closely hopes to support an open mindedness to different cultures and traditions.

Unisex street style clothing and accessories

130 CAD for scarfs, 150 CAD for sweaters and pants



Aisyah Lim, founder of Loveaisyah. Born from a Chinese family and married to a Muslim man, Aisyah always loves sharing her joy of her cross-culture experience. Inspired by her fashion background, Aisyah created the modern Baju Kurung for modest women. Boasting comfort and style, Loveaisyah also sells a collection of matching outfits for mother and daughters.

Maxi dresses, abayas, matching outfits, accessories and more.

The average price of abayas, dresses and full outfits is $100. With mother and daughter outfits averaging at $150

Lubnas London

London, UK

Lubnas London showcases a range of Pakistani-inspired party, bridal and casual wear. Each garment is hand-made and stitched available for purchase in store and online delivery.

Bridal pieces, accessories, casual-wear.

Garments - £30 - £60



Based in Singapore, Maqayla is a home-grown modest fashion label founded by Mareenah A. Ghani and managed by a mother and daughter. They specialise in ready-to-wear styles as well as elegant gowns for special occasions.

Their website offers dresses, gowns and accessories for both day and evening wear,kurung tops and suits for men as well as accessories, prayer wear and travel mats.

 Kurung, Amani Kebaya and lace dresses retail for $90.


                      Amsterdam, NL

Arabic has a lot of words for beauty but the highest form of beauty is husn (the beauty of goodness) .Mastoor pride themselves on pertaining beauty through ethical standards and ensure all of their products are made to world ethical standards.

All of your Men's clothing needs from thobes, to denim jeans. Mastoor has a variety of Men's fashion that's trendy and pertains Islamic guidelines.

Get thobes from £43.56. Other men's clothing ranging from $£20-£300+


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mimpikita was founded by three sisters based in Kuala Lumpur and is a contemporary modest fashion brand. Mimpikita sells timeless pieces that can be worn in daily life by every woman who values simple but elegant designs. The brand furthermore offers bridal and bespoke tailoring services.

Modest fashion for women, accessories and wedding dresses

Womenswear pieces between 149 MYR and 290 MYR,



Mina is Malaysia's leading modest fashion and lifestyle brand, showcasing a collection of styles fit for formal and leisure-wear.

Shoes collection - porcelain flats, heels and wedges.

RM 159 - RM 179


Istanbul, Turkey

Harbouring customers in over 140 countries, Modanisa is the first modest fashion platform to deliver quality clothing through delivery in a wide variety, unlike any other modest fashion brand when it was conceived in 2011.

Modest fashion pieces, accessories, hijabs, incl. outdoor wear, swimwear and a maternity line

Prices ranging from £20 to new releases appearing in the £100 category



Born in Budapest, Sandra Sandor founded the brand Nanushka after graduating from London College of Fashion. Fashion pieces from Nanushka are supposed to express confidence, subtle femininity as well as a combination of Eastern and Western culture.

Womenswear, menswear and accessories for women

Outerwear for women from about 500€ to about 900€

Nzinga Knight

New York

Nzinga Knight creates designer modest  fashion that's glamorous and edgy.  Nzinga grew up in Brooklyn New York, in a family of seven where modest fashion was paramount and decided to study fashion design with the goal of starting her own brand which was not only fashionable but also allowed freedom of movement.

Her collection boasts beautiful designer dresses, blouses and skirts that stand out from the crowd.

Nzinga's latest collection ranges from $285-$790 with some items available on an appointment and quotation basis only.



Sabaya Denmark exists since 2013 and is meant to be a support for Danish female Muslims searching for religious clothing whilst aiming at dressing stylishly in Scandinavian clothing. In 2015 Sabaya Denmark opened its first physical store in Copenhagen.

Turbans, Amtas, Khimars, Hijabs, Maxi clothing, Accessories

from 75kr for Amtas until up to 375 kr for Kimonos

Seek Refuge


The streetwear label Seek Refuge aims at empowering and representing Muslims, bringing aid and awareness to the refugee crisis. The Islamic culture is visible on every fashion piece that the brand sells. A part of the proceeds is donated to help people who had to flee from their home.

Seek refugee offers street style clothing for both men and women as well as face masks and accessories

The price ranger reaches from T-shirts for about $20 to jackets for about $200



SHUKR is an Arabic word found in the Qur’an which means gratitude or thanks. Launched in 2001, SHUKR prides themselves on producing Men and Women's apparel that is both contemporary and modest.

Men and womens modest and contempory clothing, hijabs and accessories

Women's abayas average at $130 and Men's thobes from $99



The Idea behind Tahara was to offer Muslims a range of beautiful and trendy clothes that are of good quality and nevertheless affordable. Tahara’s target group consists of Muslim people living in Scandinavia who can choose whether they want to shop in the Islamic online store of Tahara or in its boutique in Malmö. 

Womenswear, menswear, clothing for children as well as books, interior objects and beauty / health products

Abayas from 369 kr to 789 kr, pants for men about 149 kr


Tunisia, Northwest Africa

TUNIQ is a family-owned North African clothing label which emphasizes ethical clothing production and traditional handicraft over mass production. Based in Tunisia. The label's style ethos is driven by crafting timeless items that are inspired by the Maghreb, with a political and spiritual essence.

Tuniqoasis specialises in draped outerwear offerings, such as their blazers, cloaks and coats, all made my hand. Woven by local rural artisans from their own homes, they use local free-range sheep and organic plant dyes to keep their products eco friendly.

Home spun prayer rugs start at $88 and handmade outwear ranges from $72-$325

Vela Scarves


Vela scarves is a brand created by two sisters who started the journey of making scarves that fit many Islamic cultures, in 2009. Their scarves are hand sewn and hand dyed in India, but are designed in LA. They aim is to reclaim fashion and confidence through their cutting edge scarves. They also are donating 100% of their current benefits from their 'standing in solidarity' collection, one of these current products in the collection, is called 'Uyghur Blue' which for the Uyghur Foundation, to support those who escaped turkey due to oppression. Another is a coffee brand called 'Yemen Coffee, to raise money for the 'Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Project' which goes towards creating food baskets, that are distributed to a hunger clinic.

They sell many types of head scarves, hoodies, scarves accessories. They also sell coffee as part of one of their foundations: Yemen Relief and reconstruction

Their scarves accessories and scarves have an estimation price of around $20 and their hoodies average at around $40.



ZALIA is the women's fashion collection from ZALORA, bolstering the need for modern modest fashion in today's moving world.

Formal-wear, casual-wear, sports-wear and accessories.

Clothing ranges from £25 - £120 depending on sale items and new releases.



Founded by Shailesh Jain & Anup Nair in 2011, Mirraw is extremely focused on ethnic wear. Based out of fort, Mumbai it brings handpicked designs in ethnic jewellery, apparels, accessories & more.

Ethnic Jewellery, apparels, accessories and more.


Unique Hijabs


Unique Hijabs is a family run business in the USA. Started in 2005 with the idea of creating affordable hijabs and accessories for those looking for something out of the ordinary. 

Unique Hijabs offers abayas, modest tops, skirt, accessories, underscarves & more.

Modest abayas and dresses start at $29.99

Culture Hijab


Founded by a young Muslim woman, inspired by the endless possibilities of modest and modern fashion. Culture is the brand that supports contemporary and modest women from all faiths seeking a modest lifestyle without having to compromise their individuality or lifestyle.

Glamourous Apparel, accessories and a wide variety of scarves and hijabs to suit all.

Beautiful Hijabs from the BOURN by Culture range are $28.95

Hijab Chic


HijabChic was created 9 years ago, and it has now become the number one leading modest apparel brand in Indonesia selling hijabs, accessories and apparel for the modest chic woman.

Chic hijabs, tops, accessories and apparel for Women

Tops average at 300.00 Indonesian rupiah, Hijabs range from 119 - 135 rupiah

Hijab USA


Islamic Clothing for women of all sizes - petite, plus sizes, or skinny. Whether you want plain black elegant abayas or jilbabs or elegant kaftans, hijabusa has a variety of modest and beautiful products for everyone

Abayas, jilbabs, hijabs, accessories, maxi dresses & More

Maxi dress are currently $79.99 with abayas at $89.99



E-modesta is the first ecommerce modest brand from Jordan offering a variety of modest fashion at affordable prices

Shop tunics, dresses, skirts, abayas, full outfits, accessories and more

Full outfits range between $45.00 and

Modesty on BLVD

South Africa

Modesty on BLVD is a South African brand by Shiaam Abrahams selling a vareity of womens apparel and accessories/ Shiaam Abrahams is the founder/ designer of the brand Modesty On Blvd., established in 2017. The brand aims to brings runway functional couture glam with a touch of African diverse culture, into the forefront of modest fashion.

Womens apparel and  accessories


Maliakti Modesty

New York, USA

Malikati Modesty, founded by a West African woman, aims at enabling women from all over the world to buy modest high quality clothing for an affordable price. While following their goal, staff members from Malikati Modesty make sure that every sold piece is designed by themselves with no forced labor in the brand’s production chain.

Dresses & Skirts, Abayas, Prayer Garments, Accessories

Dresses for $75, jewelry for about $8

Ameena's Modest Fashion

Woodbridge, Canada

Ameena's Modest Fashion is an online store, dedicated to Islamic style and culture.

Women’s clothing including dresses, jackets, tunics, abayas, shawls and swimwear as well as jewelry, shoes and hijabs

Abayas and dresses can be bought for about $13


Johannesburg, South Africa

Maseeha stands for modest high-quality womenswear that covers a variety of styles and body types. The team considers it as important to offer affordable clothing which can be bought with a rewarding and fun shopping experience.

Maseeha sells hijabs, abayas and scarves

Hijabs are sold for prices from R85 - R120, abayas cost R400


Bandung, Indonesia

Pyukanau is a modest streetwear brand that draws inspiration from cyberpunk elements from video games, movies and music when designing new collections. The brand aims at creating sporty and at the same time artsy fashion pieces.

Face masks and Kimono Cardigans

Kimono Cardigans cost between IDR 350.000 and IDR 399.000, face masks are sold for IDR 40.000


Kabule, Afghanistan

Khamak offers Afghanistan clothing, designed with a traditional and industrial compilation.

Traditional Clothing



London, UK

Founded in 2012, AWRA originally launched as 'awra hijabs' and has since grown into one of London's leading modest fashion brands. AWRA is an Arabic term referring to the areas of the body that are required to be covered in islamic practice. AWRA  sponsosr orphans on a monthly basis.

Hijabs made from natural and sustainable materials.

Hijabs range from £10-£29






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Huda Beauty

Dubai, UAE

Launched by award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan in 2013, Huda Beauty is one of the world's fastest-growing beauty brands. Hailing from Dubai, Huda – along with her sisters Alya and Mona – first launched the Huda Beauty Lash Collection breaking records in the Middle East for the best

Huda’s product line now includes her collection of sought-after liquid matte lipsticks, lip contouring pencils, 3D highlighter and textured eye shadow palettes. Award winning eyelashes and more. Her website boasts a foundation finder quiz so you can even find your perfect shade!

Huda's best selling foundation is $40, her range of eyelashes start at $9.50

CTZN Cosmetics

Dubai & London

Founded by three sisters Aleena, Aleezeh and Naseeha Khan. The Khan sisters identify themselves as third-culture kids, with their diverse backgrounds of being born in the U.S., raised in the U.A.E., with Pakistani ethnicity. The three sisters started the brand CTZN Cosmetics after they realised people of colour were underrepresented in industries such as beauty and fashion.

CTZN sell a variety of cosmetic products. Their signature product is their range of nude lipsticks, with over 25 nude shades available you're guaranteed to find a shade you love.

Lip products from £14-£22



FARSALI is a nurturing beauty brand that seamlessly ties together makeup and skincare - its cruelty-free and innovative products both soothes the skin and strengthens it.      

Since its launch, the brand quickly reformed the beauty world, with its
innovative formulas, and has become a staple in every beauty routine!
Our naturally inspired products are always cruelty-free, hypoallergenic,
 and made with exceptional-quality in mind.

FARSALI's beauty products range from £20 to £60 depending on its availability.

786 Cosmetics

London, UK

786 Cosmetics specialise in halal nail polish, allowing muslim women to wear nail polish that is permeable to water so they can perform wudhu for prayer.

Nail polish collection in over 50 striking colours and designs, incl. nail care sets.

£9.99 - £20

Amara Halal Cosmetics

Los Angeles, USA

Amara Cosmetics is a completely halal-certified cosmetic line from North America. The brand’s mission is to provide Muslim women with safe and clean products that have been created according to the Islamic law.

Amara Cosmetics sells a great range of beauty products including lipsticks, eyeshadows, face powders but also provides tools like make-up brushes and sponges.

Lipsticks start at $16, face powders and eyeshadows at about $20 and nail polish can be bought for about $13

Tuesday in Love


Tuesday in Love focuses on Halal Nail polish which is water permeable. This means that the breathable nail polish, with a unique colour polymer compound allows water molecules to pass through it to the nail bed surface. The brand received its name when the founder developed the special formula for the nail polish and presented it to his wife on a Tuesday morning. Proceeds from every of the brand's sale are donated to Islamic Relief Canada.

Tuesday in Love provides a halal product line that covers the whole female body. Furthermore it sells beauty products for men, make-up brushes as well as hijabs and accessories.

Nail polish for about 13€

Inika Organic

Sydney, Australia

Inika Organic is a 100% natural beauty brand from Australia that by now expanded to 35 other countries in the world. The brand is committed to certified organic, cruelty-free, halal and vegan values, ensuring that all used ingredients are ethically sourced.

Customers from Inika Organic can buy cosmetic products from the categories skin, face, eyes and lips.

Skin care products start from about £30, Bronzers from about £20, Mascara can be bought for £25 and lipsticks for about £20

PHB Ethical Beauty

Birmingham, UK

The British family business PHB Ethical Beauty sells ethical and handmade beauty products that are natural, vegan, cruelty free and halal certified. The brand’s founders aim at offering their customers the purest and most effective cosmetics in over 40 countries worldwide. 20% of the profits are donated to charity organizations that support people and animals.

PHB Ethical Beauty shows a product range from skin, hair and body care to organic and mineral cosmetics and male grooming products.

Skin care products can be bought for about £20, blush for cheeks and eyes for about £15, shampoo costs £12

Vivre Cosmetics


Vivre Cosmetics is a luxury make-up brand aiming at creating chic and trendy products that are free of harmful ingredients. Therefore, products from Vivre Cosmetics, made in the US, are cruelty free, paraben free as well as halal and mineral based.

What can be found in the online shop of Vivre Cosmetics is nail polish, lipsticks, foundations and mascaras

Nail polish and foundations cost about $13, lipsticks and mascaras about $15

Shade M

Dubai, UAE

The halal certified brand Shade M is vegan friendly and cruelty free, offering lipsticks in different shades for people that have been overlooked in the mainstream.

Shade M focuses on selling lipsticks in different shades

The lipsticks are sold for $18

Jewellery & Accessories





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El Cajon, USA

Artizara was founded by Sarah Ansari who drew inspiration from Islamic artistry when coming up with the idea for her business. Looking up at the ceiling of an ancient mosque with its interlocking patterns reminded her of the fact that all people are connected through witnessing beauty in life – a statement which pieces, sold by Artizara, are intended to emphasize. Additionally, they transport spiritual and religious meanings as some jewellery for example is inscribed with the Ayat al Kursi verse of protection which is included in the Quran.

Womenswear, jewellery, art and interior objects

Modest dresses from $90 to $150, jewellery from around $40 to $200

Nominal X

Tempe, Arizona

Nominal X is a luxury jewellery line, offering a plethora of styles, colours and designs. Inspired by the poetic and concise nature of the Arabic language, Nominal jewellery showcases Arabic words and phrases interwoven through their design.

Accessories for men and women in gold, silver, bronze, rose-gold - some pieces available in Arabic or English lettering design.

$29 - $50

Islamic Jewellery


Islamic Jewellery is known to be a leading accessories brand for their religious jewellery line offering an array of Islamic phrases and lettering for their customers.

Unisex jewellery line - a collection of religious rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants.

$35 - $105

Nano Jewellery

Tel Aviv, Israel

Nano Jewellery specialises in creating create classic lasting jewellery in a way that the world has never seen before. After 26 years learning, crafting, and designing jewellery, Nano Jewellery took this spark of innovation to heart. In a collaboration of scientists and jewellery designers, they forged together never before seen technology with the traditions of craftsman jewellery to create a collection of gifts that speaks to the heart of uniqueness.

Luxury jewellery line for men and women - religious inscription (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, spirituality), inspirational quotes collection, messages available in over 12 languages etc.

$100 - $350


New York, USA

Inspired by the Islamic tradition of ihsaan, Haute Hijab was founded in 2010 by Melanie Elturk and her husband Ahmed Zedan after Melanie realised the void in the fashion industry for comfortable and stylish hijabs. At school she also began noticing Muslim high-schoolers abandoning hijabs altogether, a result of limited options and a lack of attention to young consumers and thus felt the need to start the Haute Hijab brand which offers both comfortable and stylish Hijabs to be inspired by.

High quality and beautiful hijabs and hijab accessories for every day wear and sports. Including jersey hijabs, woven hijabs, sport wraps and more.

Premium jersey hijabs start at $20 . Sportswear is an average of $45

Silq Rose

Croydon, Greater London

Launched in 2019, Sliq Rose is a holistic brand built on the principles of self-care, sustainability, empowerment and consciousness by using natural, biodegradable fabrics to make long-lasting hijabs.

Hijabs made from innovative fibres and smart textures - incl. underscarfs, magnetic pins and hijab scrunchies.

Hijabs ranging from £16.99 - £35.99. Pins, scrunchies and underscarves £5 - £15.

Honey Hijabs


Honey Hijabs was created for Muslim women seeking something a little more than just a plain hijab.

Honey Hijabs offers handcrafted,  luxury hijabs without the luxury tags.

Hijabs average at under $30

Hijab Element


Hijab Element Inc. is an online hijab store that founded in 2018 with a mission to create a brand of luxurious hijabs.

Hijabs made from Chiffon, Jersey, Viscose or Satin

All hijabs are 20 CAD

Modish Hijab


Modish Hijab was designed by Nada, a Muslim woman, who is a wife and mother of five. Modish Hijab is located in Dearborn Michigan. Dearborn is the largest diverse middle eastern community. Modish Hijab is not only a brand its a lifestyle. Their website offers a range of modest apparel, hijabs, accessories and more for the modern Muslim woman

Combining both modesty and comfort. Modishhijab sells a collection of womens apparel including tunics, underskirt, tunics, hijabs and more


Lala Hijabs


Lala Hijabs was founded in 2020 after the tai dye trend came back in fashion and Will and Sana Saleh the husband and wife power-duo decided to launch their own brand

Vibrant and colourful hijabs for women and children. Lala Hijabs is the place to go for vibrant and colourful hijabs that stand out from the crowd.

Hijabs average at $32.99

Noor Fares


In creating her jewellery pieces, Lebanese designer Noor Fares focuses on colourful talismans that show ancient symbols as well as a contemporary look. Noor draws inspiration from for example mystical Hindu mandalas or the Middle Eastern architecture and aims at providing her customers with jewellery with which they become one and which they will keep for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, the stones used for her jewellery should have healing energies which are communicated in their kaleidoscopic designs.

Noor Fare offers necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets

Necklaces start at £995

Donna Hourani


The brand Donna Hourani focuses on simple, honest and sustainable jewellery and sells collections of which each has its own message. After the creation of every collection, some pieces are set aside for a specific charitable cause. Regarding its supply chain, the brand follows high standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The product range of Donna Hourani covers bracelets, chokers, rings, earrings, necklaces, body chains, anklets and money clips for men

Bracelets between Dhs.5,540 to Dhs.10,020, rings start at about Dhs.4,400

Lana Al Kamal


Following the theme “Let your eyes only see beauty”, Syrian architect Lana Al Kamal designs jewellery with simple silhouettes and a modern style, aiming at combining craftsmanship with a flair of femininity. The brand produces annual Ramadan collections and each piece is produced in on of Dubai’s finest gold factories.

The brand Lana Al Kamal sells necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets

The price for earrings reaches from Dhs.1,880 to Dhs. 2,500, rings start at Dhs. 1,100.

HAK The Label


Launched by Omani designer Hakima Al Said, the brand HAK The Label combines cultural symbols from the Asian, Middle Eastern, South African and European cultures with contemporary designs. The jewellery pieces are strong and minimalistic at the same time, showing feminine details.

Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets

The Kindred collection covers, among other things, rings that start from $60 and earrings that cost up to $120.

Shamsa Alabbar


Emirati designer Shamsa Alabbar concentrates in her eponymous line on jewellery that includes traditional Arabic typography and calligraphy. The experimental line is described as edgy, modern, geometric and unusual, designed for people who are not afraid of being different.

The Shamsa Alabbar line covers rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, anklets and jewellery for kids.

Cuffs from Dhs.9,930 to Dhs.18,500. Rings start at Dhs. 3000

Mukhi Sisters

Beirut, Lebanon

The sisters Maya, Meena and Zeenat Mukhi grew up in a family of jewellers and decided to honour their heritage by naming their brand after their ancestors. Mukhi Sisters is a brand that stands for personal stories and fine craftsmanship, linked to the sister’s individual style and interests. They describe the look of their jewellery pieces as “Boho chic meets vintage”.

Mukhi Sisters offers necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings for women and jewellery for men

Bracelets start at $40, earrings at $80


Abu Dhabi

In Arabic, the word “Ruwaya” has two different meanings. One is “to quench a first” and the other one is “storytelling”.  Founder Fatima Al Dhaheri aims at honouring the Arabic heritage and culture, creating jewellery that includes precious stones in 18k-gold settings.

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces


Bil Arabi


The Middle Eastern brand Bil Arabi produces jewellery, handmade in the UAE. Founder Nadine Kanso aims at expressing her understanding and appreciation of Arabic calligraphy, combining it with yellow, white and rosé gold jewellery pieces.

Bil Arabi's product range covers rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants

Bracelets start at about $270, necklaces at about $400

Gaelle Khouri


Each jewellery piece of the brand Gaelle Khouri is intended to embody the complex nature of beings. The pieces have unique forms and show a great attention to details and quality as well as the Lebanese designer’s 3D and sculptural approach to her work.

Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces

The average price of Gaelle Khouri's jewellery pieces is $3000.

Nuun Jewels


Nuun Jewels stands for unique jewellery pieces that express designer Nourah Al Faisal’s personal emotions. Therefore, she considers her creations as incarnations of herself that simultaneously reflect a Saudi modernity and Arabic design. Sometimes made to order, pieces sold by Nuun however also include ideas from the Western culture.

Nuun produces rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces




Founded in 2017 when looking for the perfect jewellery for his now wife Zuni, Ibraheem Nadeem  founded ZUDO.ZUDO's mission is to break the silence on topics that are considered taboo in most cultures. They primarily focus on promoting mental health and supporting victims of sexual violence. In every package, they include information that provides you with tools on how to play your part in making a difference.

Not only do they have a stunning jewelry collection,but ZUDO also makes a difference. They have partnered up with 2 charitable organizations: Heart Women & Girls; and MannMukti in order to raise funding and provide support to those who need it.




Handmade clothing , made to order.



Amyra London


Amyra London is a UK brand for confident and bold women. With a wide range of collections ranging from everyday hijabs to luxury hijabs

Hijabs and accessories for every occassion.Amyra London offers a variety of beautiful hijabs, underscarves and more







Products Details

Price points

Lyra Swim

London, UK

Ikram the founder started the brand LYRA after her own struggle to find suitable swimwear that fit her lifestyle. As an individual with a love for the outdoors and fitness but also an eye for fashion Ikram noticed a void in the market for stylish and modest swimwear and decided to make her own brand. The brand has gone on to be worn by individuals all over the world including prominent news anchor Noor Tagouri and Olympic fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Modest swimwear

Their modest swimwear collections starts at $84.99


Brisbane, Australia

Noor swimwear was founded by Victoria Farooqui after she realised the need for swimwear for  fashion conscious modest women who enjoy travelling and aquatic sports whilst also following their modest traditions and faith.

Noor offers a range of Modest & stylish swimsuits that are SPF 50+ full coverage swimwear.

Noor swimwear ranges from $30 - $60

Under Rapt

Manchester, UK

Founded by Yasmin Sobeih after she realised that no mainstream brands offered dedicated organic collections or larger exclusive modest sportswear range,Yasmin started the brand UNDER RAPT. By merging highly trend driven designs with sustainable, organic fabric UNDER-RÂPT soon became the first global Modest Athleisure Fashion and Lifestyle brand.

UNDER RAPT offers a variety of womens athletic apparel including casual and gym wear, sports hijabs, leggings and more.

Performance leggings at £35 and sports hijabs at an average of £18 .



Founded in 2003, by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, Ahiida produces modest sport and swimwear for women who value modesty, comfort and quality. With the Burqini®-Burkini® Swimwear Ahiida sells innovative pieces made of a 50+UV protection material. The brand’s goal is to enable women to participate in sports activities with confidence.

Ahiida offers a range of modest sports and swimwear for girls and women

Modest fit Burkinis are sold for prices between $80 and $200


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Raqtive aims at covering the needs of Muslim women who wish to be active and sporty in order to live a healthy lifestyle and at the same time preserve their modesty. The brand therefore sells a variety of sportswear products that enables them to do so.

Raqtive's product range covers sports hijabs, shawls and active wear for men and women

Hijabs are sold from a price of RM66, Shawls from RM79 and active wear from RM69


Wilmington, USA

LiaWear offers S-5XL modest sportswear, including custom made hijabs with individual fit and length. The brand aims at providing Muslim women with all that they need to do live a life in motion and simultaneously look great.

Swimwear, hoodies and hoodie dresses, modest workout tops and sport hijabs

Modest swimsuits start from $115, hoodies from about $48, tops from $55 and hijabs from $25


Minneapolis, USA

The brand Asiya was named after Asiya bint Muzahim who is known for her courage in standing up again injustice. Asiya joins other Islamic sports brands in helping Muslim girls and women to be physically active whole upholding their religious and cultural beliefs. It follows the beliefs that clothing represents identity and should be supportive instead of a barrier. Furthermore, Asiya emphasizes that sport enables girls to be successful as students, community members and future leaders.

Sports hijabs, swim hijabs, facemasks and active wear

Sports and swim hijabs are sold for $35, facemasks for $20 and active wear starts from $25

Sukoon Active

New York, USA

Sukoon offers activewear and hijabs that are designed for Muslim women but can in fact be worn by every woman in the world. The brand’s products are supposed to provide them with the tools to exploit their full potential, achieve holistic wellness and stay loyal to their religious beliefs. Moreover, Sukoon works with sustainable materials and partners with ethical manufacturing facilities. On the brand’s website customers can get insights into Sukoon’s supply chain.

The product range of Sukoon active covers hijabs, tees and accessories

Hijabs are sold for $44, Tees for $77 and accessories start from $14



Through the brand’s online shop sports hijabs from Capsters are sold all over the world. Capsters works with resellers in over 16 countries and offers special designs for customers with specific demands regarding design, material, colours, measurements and closings. Capsters is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in 2002 won the Good Design Award in Japan.

Sports and swim hijabs

Capster's hijabs range from about RM100 to aboutRM125


Ancona, Italy

After learning about Muslim culture and modest fashion in Pakistan, Italian fashion designer Chiara Taffarello founded the brand Munamer. With this, she aims at creating a new lifestyle concept for Muslim women who wish to combine a life full of travelling and sport with modest tradition. The focus lies on stylish modest swimwear with an Italian influence, made in Italy.

Modest Swimwear

Munamer sells modest swimwear in a price range from 199€ - 359€


Iman Montayre


Iman Montayre is an eponymous brand of bridal gowns favoured by brides who appreciates modesty; is a ready- to- wear and customized wedding gown designer. A percentage of each order goes to the MFDP fund to support creatives and designers

Bridal gowns to suit all brides