World renowned artist Siddiqa Juma illuminates Islamic tradition through art

Taking into account today’s ever changing society, Siddiqa Juma’s colourful and vibrant artwork are an interpretation of diversity, fuelled by cultures, traditions and people from all walks of the world. She pulls inspiration from her heritage and faith. Siddiqa’s palette bridges together her roots and passion to paint.


Her contemporary art series based on the Hajj and the Kaaba is a practice that requires extreme attention to detail. Her canvasses each tell a story of faith and belief with a medley of cultures painted deep within the layers of striking colours, patterns and calligraphy. Each piece is inked with devotion.


Siddiqa’s work and faith continues to grow hand in hand, challenging herself whilst inspiring others with open thoughts of humanity, diversity and community. Her painting “diversity” brought to life bonds between cultures and was even related to one of Malcom X’s quotes on Hajj : “For the past week, I have been utterly speechless and spellbound by the graciousness I see displayed all around me by people of all colours”. The piece Diversity inspired Ahlan Art’s award winning Make Your Mark campaign. A campaign which started with the Kaaba painted at the centre, travelled the world and gathered thousands of unique brush strokes from people of all faiths, backgrounds and ages, each celebrating diversity.


Siddiqa’s latest art piece, presented by Ahlan Art, is a one of geographical diversity ; a mixed media combination of stamps and acrylic, each stamp representing a different nation. The artwork was displayed at the Houses of Parliament on World Yemen Day on 14.12.16. The painting will be presented to the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs Stephen O’Brien and will go on to hang at the UN headquarters in New York.


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