Why NOT to Diet!

Every lady is out there wishing for a quick fix, the best new diet that is going to help you to loose weight and fast! Which foods to eat, which foods not to eat; what times of the day you should eat, how much you should eat; the magic pill, the new meal replacement shakes. But does any of it actually work? And what are you doing to your body in the meantime!? Firstly, why are you drinking a meal replacement shake? The key is in the title, eat a balanced meal instead and save yourself from the fees and (sometimes) contracts. These shakes may claim to have all the nutrients your body needs, but in what quantities? And how many chemicals are in the product to get you those nutrients? Rather make your own smoothie using fresh ingredients, and take vitamin supplements in addition to your diet, if you feel you are lacking. Smoothie  

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If your going for a fancy-named crash diet, or a no-Carbohydrate diet, then yes you will see results quickly. What you will also see is the the weight is being lost in your muscles, the fat around your internal organs and the cells of your internal organs. Without eating carbohydrates as energy, your body has to use the proteins that should be being used for daily cell and muscle building; therefore the weight you are losing is a break down of your entire body (as well as slowing your fat loss as lean, beautiful muscle burns fat around 3 times quicker than fat cells on their own). Don’t get me wrong, most people eat too many carbs and portions need to be controlled, but they are an essential food group and needed for energy. Crash diets are a temporary phase that will have (if you survive in good condition) added to the slowing of your metabolism and when you want to eat again, the weight will fly back on quicker than ever before.

As for weight loss pills, the dangers are clear and imminent, there is always another way…

By now, you may be wondering what the actual answer is to losing weight. Most people know the equation to exercise more and eat less, yes that will work but for how long can you increase your exercise and decrease your food? The key is a complete lifestyle change; but that won’t happen overnight, you need to take it gradually, changing in a way that works for you, so you can still live your life and be you! Not everyone can live on a diet of chicken fillets, sweet potato and broccoli; so you need to make choices that you will stick to. This is not a “diet”, this is your life! Make your choices natural and seek help if you are unsure about anything. Exercise doesn’t need to be hours and hours of standing on a treadmill; in fact it could be 3 x 30 minute sessions a week, of quality training specifically tailored around you, your body and your needs. Then, just make sure you rest, repair and sleep enough and the weight will come off, at it’s own pace, healthily; and that’s just where it will stay.

Did you know?

I fully believe in treats! If you cut out foods completely you are only going to crave them more and then binge on them. Plus, if this is a lifestyle then you must be allowed to live it. But it is important to know what is a treat, it’s not a necessary food, so only eat it to enjoy it! Following the sunnah of moderation, control and awareness.


  Image source: pinterest.com   Think about everything you eat, know what you are eating, don’t over-indulge, don’t under-indulge, just be considerate and be yourselves!

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