We Wrote The Modest Chapter

The Modest Chapter announcement
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IFDC to Launch Vlog Series on 30 July 2015 Finally, the style of modest elegance is starting to pen the pages of a beautiful story. A little over a year ago, the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) paused to listen to a worldwide whisper that was gradually growing into a roar – from across the globe, in practically every country on every continent, women and men who sought to dress modestly and, according to their modest parameters, were seeking more. More options, more access, more information; the incredible growth and demand had to be addressed, and that’s what IFDC set out to do. Thus, introducing The Modest Chapter. “At IFDC, we believe that every community has a beautiful characteristic that its people are known for. In Islam that characteristic is modesty,” said IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan. “We also recognize that life today can present a unique journey as we adhere to our modest parameters. IFDC is often approached by women who speak about this journey. It’s a vast set of stories. We’ve learned about the challenges and the successes. One thing we’re convinced of is that nothing is impossible! All barriers can be overcome, and women all over the world are proving that being modest doesn’t mean falling short in life – it’s exciting and we just had to write The Modest Chapter to share the richness of this experience. The idea came to fruition through a video series hosted by IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan who will address questions coming from the global communities seeking support in their choices to lead a modest lifestyle, yet still remain stylish and strive towards personal success. “We knew a series needed to be launched on what it means today for women to not only live to the max in The Modest Chapter of life, but at times, be the one who also writes it.” said Khan. IFDC’s vlogs will focus on everything women need to know as they live large within their own Modest Chapters… inside and out! Eventually, viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions and comments that will be tackled on the show. From make-up to styling tips, overcoming stumbling blocks to success, or dealing with relationships – modest or not, you are sure to find tremendous benefit in this series! This weekly series will be launched on 30 July 2015 through IFDC’s electronic and social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and IFDC’s website.

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