We Are aere

modest fashion

By Madiha Ajaz

Launched by Raja Nadia Sabrina in 2014, aere is a contemporary ready-to-wear Malaysian fashion house. A social media influencer and a former lawyer, Sabrina created a modest fashion line that is comfortable, creative, innovative and versatile. The brand was such a hit, that within a year of its launch, it won the Best Womenswear Collection award at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2015. Moreover, aere also debuted at the Jakarta Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Week.  The label has already gathered a strong following worldwide, and the hashtag #weareaere is made up of an active and faithful community of followers who share pictures of them in aere pieces.  

 aere aims to create pieces that balance grace and strength, while appearing creative, versatile and sophisticated.  Appropriately translating to “air” in Latin, aere’s first few releases were inspired by Mother Nature. aere has also magnificently created a collection of ‘light’ pieces that were minimalistic and classically casual in design. One of aere’s most sought after releases has been its Eid collection, featuring unconventional pants and separates, successfully differentiating aere from other brands. This anarchic style continued into its sophomore Eid collection, releasing the ‘feel’ line. Keeping it light as air, yet absolutely gorgeous, this collection design was in neutral hues and stripped free of embellishments. Every collection released since was one remarkable story after the other, making its mark in the global market of modest fashion. In its 3 years, aere has grown significantly as a Malaysian fashion label with a distinct, highly revered style.

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