Want the Jon Stewart look?

By Lauren Cochrane

As anyone who watched The Daily Showcan when Jon Stewart reigned supreme, has noticed he wore a suit every night for all of his 16 years on the show. And, as the end of his time as hosting approached, Stewart clearly looked forward to loosening the tie and throwing off the jacket – indeed, he then turned to selling the suits he wore on the show, via an auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity. What a great guy!!

In one sense, this auction is quite niche – buyers will need to be suit size 40S, small (Stewart is around 5ft 5in tall) and have a penchant for Armani tailoring (18 out of the 19 suits are Armani Collezioni, custom-made for Stewart). But there will be memorabilia hunters, too. Stewart’s fans are numerous, and his style is a bit of a cult thing. While Stewart presents The Daily Show behind a desk, news reader-style, so you can only see his top half, his suits – very, very standard and very, very classic – are part of his shtick, a sort of overly formal prop in a show that prides itself on subversive humour. Add the salt-and-pepper hair and the fact he sometimes wear white trainers with his suits and Jon Stewart style will be missed on American airwaves.

One of his trademark suits. Photograph: Jason DeCrow/AP

Stewart’s style chimes with a mood in menswear for dressing up. If streetwear is one side of the coin, a suited and booted look – massive on street-style blogs where pocket squares and suit socks are the details that count – is another, with menswear editors wearing three-piece suits to fashion weeks and suitfies – selfies posted by men showing off their suits – becoming a growing trend on Instagram.

As for The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, the new host from September, has big shoes to fill (figuratively, at least). So far, he seems to be following the Stewart model of TV dressing, wearing smart suits for TV appearances. Maybe he’s conscious that losing Stewart is enough for fans of the show; messing with the style might be a step too far.

Off duty, on trend. Photograph: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Bereft fans can take heart from rare snaps of Stewart off duty. Despite the occasional foray into baseball caps (no, Jon, no!), he has a promising normcore-ish look in his downtime: see plain T-shirts, khakis, zippy-uppy jackets and excellent beard work. In other words, exactly what suit wearers wear on the weekend. So, while a question mark hangs over Stewart’s post-Daily Show projects, his style – solid, dependable, just a smidge ironic – remains very much in place.

Source: theguardian.com

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