Upcycle: Old appliances, big and small

Haven’t put together a big post like this in a while … because I haven’t really been inspired to. Then I saw an old blender on top of the dumpster in our alley and thought “huh – do we even consider fixing small appliances these days?” I don’t think so. They get the boot. Perhaps because, in the US anyway, they’re so cheap to replace? So, this collection of refabs began to take shape and I’ll add to it as I find fun things. My focus is “stuff you find in a house that has a cord attached”. Pretty broad huh? ifdc Vintage blender lamp – you want one, don’t you? Image from Etsy …. instructions to make one can be found here ifdc Love this, because it’s simple. And it doesn’t require “vintage” phones to look great. From the ever-inspiring crew at A Beautiful Mess. toaster light This makes me want to punch a toaster. Create a toasty little nightlight …. etc … lamp planter Old swing-arm lamp becomes a vase / planter … fan cover Rusty vintage fan cover refabbed into a picture holder … green computer The computer still works … and actually helps the wheat grass grow in cooler temps. Complete how to at Total Geek mac mailbox Now this is classy. Give your snail-mail a little Apple refab! (via Crooked Brain) tv bookshelf tv shelf I love the way old TVs get made over. This bookshelf idea is the first of my two favorite refabs. tv_bookshelf A new, colorful shelving system? I think the legs make it. Care of Random Anny. am radio amp Turn a 1970s transistor radio into a guitar amp! washer “You gotta know when to fold ’em … know when to run!!!” Not a repurpose but one of the coolest appliance makeovers I’ve seen! Laundry anyone? drum seat 1 Now for some washer refabbing. This washing-machine drum seating is created by green Lebanese designers Xavier Baghdadi and Lea Kradokian (via Treehugger) drum-ottoman   If you’d like to make one of your own, find instructions here. A little spray paint and several hours of cross stitch and you’ve got a designer version. machine firepit Or take the old drum outside and use it for a firepit! drum firepit 2 Same idea, different style. Curbly shows you how. fridge chalk Again, not a repurpose. But a great way to make an old fridge “pleasing” again. Complete how-to at AT fridge book And if ye olde refrigerator is really dead, it can apparently hold books quite nicely! How-to at Instructables fridge dog 1 No instructions for this one but I couldn’t resist. Because what puppy wouldn’t want to take a nap in the fridge?? (via Inhabit) fridgecouch1 And finally, for some over-the-top, extreme repurposing inspiration, the Fridge Couch. Source of article: refabdiaries.com

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