Top 3 IFDC Designers To Receive AT FILMS Awards at TFW

High calibre awards are courting IFDC designers at Torino Fashion Week (TFW) and this time it’s AT FILMS, founded by award winning filmmaker and powerhouse Ala Hamdan, who have just announced they will be bestowing a prestigious award to top 3 IFDC designers showcasing at TFW in Italy. These awards will provide substantial opportunity for the winning designers, as they will be given the chance to catapult their brand to a considerable platform with millions of viewers, strong following, and brand building opportunities, should they be the selected winners.

Ala Hamdan, an award-winning filmmaker who graduated from New York Film Academy in Florence, Italy; also teaches her online filmmaking classes, #CineramaAla. She is in a league of her own with a sizeable following of more than 360,000 on social media, which propels her as a one of a kind influencer unlike any other. Hamdan has won several film awards, her work with UN and a number of international organizations focuses on topics ranging from modest fashion, uplifting causes, and several social issues.

“My passion for faith, modesty, and fashion is what initiated the idea of these awards. After long and meaningful discussions with Ms. Alia Khan and her team at IFDC, we decided that my work must also cover different aspects of TFW and depict how this fashion week is unique compared to others”, said Hamdan. It is not uncommon for Hamdan’s short films, which are often circulated on social media, to reach 6 million views and thousands of shares in no time. She gives a new meaning to viral sensation. This speaks to her compelling filmmaking skills, which has become an influential tool to spread messages, build awareness, and promote ideas, products, and people that she believes in. That is one of many reasons why Royal Jordanian Airlines has locked Ala Hamdan in as their brand ambassador, and the first time in the airline’s history this role has been given to a hijabi who is not only a modest fashion icon but also hero to social causes. Hamdan was also recently announced as the official filmmaker who will be capturing world stories with an inspiring twist for muslimsoftheworld1 that is popular on Instagram.

Hamdan will be attending Torino Fashion Week to cover the event and their newly announced modest fashion category runway shows in partnership with IFDC. “This historical moment is something that needs to be captivated and circulated everywhere. In addition to capturing footage on the designers and presenting the winners with their awards, I will also be filming the side of TFW where I want people to understand the power in unity and how a simple idea like adding a modest fashion category to a mainstream fashion week can build bridges in the hearts and minds of people. It’s a powerful social message and I applaud the two authorities, IFDC and TMODA, for coming up with this important initiative”, continued Hamdan.

The award will grant the winners a combination of prizes including promotional campaigns, films on the winning designers and their brands produced by AT FILMS under Hamdan’s management, social media campaigns promoting & building the brand’s awareness, Brand Ambassadorship by Ala Hamdan, and more. “These awards could be a career defining moment for our winning designers. Everyone realizes the importance of brand perception, and I would not entrust anyone more than Ala to position our designers with a promo film that only she can make so effectively! Not to mention all the other important opportunities the designers will receive with this award. I am sincerely wishing all of our IFDC designers the best of luck and so excited to see who the winning designers will be”, said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC.

Claudio Azzolini, founder of TFW and President Association TMODA added, “I am happy to invite Ala Hamdan and her important work to Torino Fashion Week. We are all about creating important messages with our work and we believe the TFW platform is not only an important platform for designers to showcase and find career defining opportunities but also it’s a great meeting ground of the different ways fashion is important to societies around the world. It’s an ideology we share with Alia Khan and now Ala Hamdan which makes for a progressive and important journey for us all”.


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