Tips to Conquer Summer with Modesty

By Ramisa Ridwan

Summer…hot summer days can become difficult for any hijabi. Today I aim to provide some tips to help you chose the perfect modest outfit to conquer this summer:


Go for thin clothes that are loose rather than body fitting. This will not only provide you with modesty but also help air to circulate through and keep you cool in the humid weather – whereas tight clothes might trap the humidity and moisture resulting in sweat and bad odor only.

Also opt for clothing that conceals more skin! While you might think it is a bad idea to cover up yourself in the scorching heat, it will actually protect your skin from tanning and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Skirts, palazzos, maxi dresses, abayas, baggy t- shirts or tops are all suitable options.

  1. COLOR

Try to avoid darker colors as they absorb and trap the heat. Colors like black or navy are better avoided. While In hot summer days it is a better to go for lighter and sober colors as they tend to reflect heat and rays.


Your choice of fabric is most fatal and significant in this can – choose fabrics that are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, absorbent and durable.

Cotton, linen or lawn are the best choices for summer. You can also go for chiffon or madras. It is a wise choice to avoid fabric like nylon or polyester to avoid overheating.

  1. HIJAB

While choosing your hijab cut off from non-breathable and heavy materials and go for lighter breathable ones instead. Make sure to wrap it loose to increase air flow!


Last but not the least, it is better to avoid heavy makeup in hot summer days. Always try to keep it natural and minimal. Go for hydrating and satin makeup products over the matte ones as they will dry out your skin. Avoid heavy base makeup as it closes your skin pores and may lead to skin problems.

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