Think Outside of the Box! Develop your own Style!

Afnan Alheyari

(From Istanbul Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Designer: Gul Agis) 

One of the most outstanding designers in the 2019 Istanbul Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was “Gul Agis”. Gul Agis is a Turkish Designer. She studied Fashion Design in Milano/Italy, designed for more than 55 known retail brands such as H&M, Mango, Vero Moda for a couple of years. However, she returned to Istanbul/Turkey and established her own brand in 2010. 

You can see the European Style in her designs, especially in the collar and sleeves area. However, you can still sense the middle-eastern/Turkish identity in her designs too. What a marvelous contrast!   

Another outstanding feature in her designs for this event is using the same fabric for the different designs and to cover different body parts.  

– Inspiration: There are No Rules. You make your own Rules.  

– Little Tip: You can use a regular scarf you have or even a headscarf as a Belt, a Shawl, or a Kimono Cardigan if it was big enough.    

(By: Afnan Alheyari – IG: @modestybyafnan – URL: 

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