We all know that there is a hidden hero inside every boy. The idea of being a hero thrills to no end. And a boy’s childhood, he begins to select his hero path. Some choose to do it by being a lawyer, others by being a doctor, and others through the arts, and so on. In this article I will be talking about a hero who started by just being a hard working guy, for whom sports is like oxygen to him. Let me introduce you to this exemplary Azerbaijani young sportsman who has excelled in judoka. He has has won the silver medal in the men’s 73kg event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and his  name is Rustam Orujov. You are about to be intrigued. This young man doesn’t inspire only the sportsmen, but all the boys and men who have dreams and passion…not to mention this particular’s hero’s style!

Being married with a daughter interestingly dictates his fashion sense as the gentlemanly attitude is a conscientious one being surrounded by such important females. The loving husband and father wears it on his sleeves, literally. As a result of this persona, Rustam has gained the love and respect of people wide and far.

Here I talk to this young judoka star, Rustam Orujov about life and challenges:

L: Rustam, you are an example to all youth with your achievements and success. While sports is a hobby for men, it is a lifestyle to you. When did you decide to make judo your lifestyle?

R: At the age seven I began to practice judo. But when I finished school I knew that I have to choose my way, either sports, or university. I wasn’t as strong and famous as now then. But I was totally sure of one thing, that always thrilled me, gave me motivation. It was to represent my country in the Olympic games and to win an Olympic medal. So I chose to follow my dreams by entering the Sports Academy. Since that time I devoted every single day of my life to sports.

L: What is your daily routine like?

R: To be honest it depends on the location and my schedule of training. Because of the competitions and championships we are travelling a lot. But when I am at home, I wake up at 7 am,  at 8 am my trainings at the stadium begins, we are jogging for an hour, and then we are continuing our exercises at the gym. Usually we spend 5 hours for sports each day.

L: What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

R:If you are wondering to know my key of success, it is the same as with the other successful people. Hard work, to go until the end, never break down. Only then God will reward you for your work.

L: What has been your ultimate achievement?

R: I have a lot of plans ahead. But for now, is to win the gold medal, I guess 🙂

L: What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

R: My biggest challenge is to stay apart from my family, my wife, and my daughter. When we go to the championships, we usually stay there for months. When you realise that there are thousands of miles between you and you can’t see them at the moment, it really drives me crazy. I miss them a lot, and I get homesick 🙂 I know there is internet, we can face talk or Skype, but I prefer to see them live, not over the camera.

L: We know that you have to eat healthy. What is your diet like? Are there any moments that you crave fast food[Symbol]

R: To eat healthy is a must for everyone. But for a sportsman or woman it’s like a golden rule. I always have to remain fit. I don’t drink any sodas and I try not to eat any junk food. But there are times, that I can’t stay indifferent to big greasy burgers 🙂 Every person has own way of diets. Mine is, I eat fruits in every possible way, like snacks, like a salad, I drink fresh squeezed fruit juices.


L: What 1-2 things do you believe differentiates you from your contemporaries who have tailed off in their athletic participation and abilities?

R: I have always had one thing on my mind. To train, train and train hard, until I am glowing out of the sweat. And I have always believed in myself. Self-confidence plays a big role in a life of any successful person.

L: So when we analysed your style we saw that you have your touch in to your style. I must admit you’re quite the style icon. What inspires you and what brands do you prefer?

R: Yeah, I have to admit, I love fashion. And my choice of clothing depends on the occasions, locations and the people who accompany me. There are a lot of trends that I like to try on myself. But not the hats. I don’t like to wear hats at all. My weakness is watches and sun-glasses. I don’t leave home without those two accessories. And I really love watches made by Armani, and I choose my suits from that brand as well. For the sun-glasses Ray-bans are my favourite. My attire is usually sporty. So I always wear from Nike or Tommy Hilfiger.

L: As we know you are married and you have a daughter. How do you manage to be a successful sportsman and a loving husband and a father at the same time?

R: I shall admit It’s hard, because as I mentioned previously that due to my work I travel a lot. But I love them to the Moon and back. And I do every possible thing to make them happy. And they love me the same and they are understanding, they support me and most importantly they believe in me and they are always with me at every single step of my life. Family is a strength.

L: What inspires you? And what do you advise to all the young people who want to be a successful sports person like you?

R: My inspiration is my daughter. When I spend my time with her and I see that heart-melting smile on her face, I forget everything in the world, my exhaustion, my stressful day. My achievements makes her and my family the happiest people in the world. And when I see the pride in their eyes and smile on their faces, that gives me urge to keep this up! And for the people who want to be successful, it doesn’t matter in sports, arts or science, it has the same formula. SET YOUR GOALS, PLAY FAIR, WORK HARD AND DO NOT EVER GIVE UP!

We LOVE Rustam!

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