The Sherwani of Masters

The Sherwani, a long coat with detailed tailoring and sophistication, has always been worn with distinction by heads of state, grooms, and honorable men. These garments usually feature detailed embroidery or patterns. One major difference between sherwani wearing habits is the choice of lower garment, while in India, the dress is distinguished by their preference for churidars or dhotis, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is mainly worn with shalwar instead. (Wikipedia)

Today we see the likes of distinct men in the public eye donning the sherwani for all special occasions. Still the garment of choice for bridegrooms, this notable jacket is unlike any other. When a modest man enters any gathering wearing this, the guarantee of him standing out with respect is a sure shot bet. This jacket commands attention and respect unlike any other garment for the modest man.

From Bollywood to presidential dinners to weddings, the variations in hand work, tailoring, cut, fabric selection, etc is undeniably impressive. This is a must have item for Modest men everywhere!

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