The Right Way to Wear a Scarf


Here’s how to style one of the season’s best accessories

We all remember the first time we learned how to tie a necktie. So many options! You could try a Windsor or a Half Windsor, or Four in Hand, or even something fancy like a Shelby knot.

But what about a scarf? Is there a right (or wrong) way to wear one?
Nobody teaches you this stuff. Nobody’s dad has ever said, “Okay, son—you’re old enough now. It’s time to learn how to wrap your own scarf. You’re a man today, my boy!”
We sought out Derian Baugh, CEO of Men’s Style Lab—an online clothing concierge service—for his pointers on wearing a scarf. Turns out there isn’t really a wrong way—but there are a few no-fail options that will always look great.

The Drape

You probably already know this one: Just place it around your neck, and let each end hang down on either side of your torso.

You can also tuck the ends into your dress coat for a slightly more formal look.

In this case, the scarf isn’t really keeping you warm—it’s more of an accent piece to upgrade the rest of your outfit.


The European Knot

For a night out, try this dressier style.

Fold the scarf in half, and then place it around the back of your neck. The doubled material will create a “hole” on one side. Thread the ends of the scarf through this gap, and cinch the material comfortably around your neck.


The Wraparound

And for the most casual option, Baugh suggests wrapping a long scarf 2 or 3 times around your neck. Leave it a bit loose. This will create volume and warmth.



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