Timeless elegance – these two simple, yet powerful words stand side by side, as a formidable partnership, synonymous with that feeling of poetry.

For centuries, timeless elegance has been used to describe the epitome of fashion standards for many houses, yet fails to become a cliché. Why is this so? Could it be that its combined effect hints towards a feeling of lightness, effortlessness and splendour or is there some deeper meaning at play?

The fashion industry influenced the economy significantly for what historically began as a basic need for humans – clothing for concealment of the body. To fully appreciate the departure from this view as a mere covering towards the sheer magnetism of what fashion and style has come to symbolise, is a powerful mind shift experience. It is somewhere between these disparate worldviews, that infinite and understated sophistication was born and reigns supreme.

To transform a basic need and catapult it into a giant success, is pure genius. To achieve an ideal of continuous fashion magnificence that offers desirability across generations is the outcome of strategic intelligence. It can only be in the inner talents and abilities of visionary pioneers who have observed and determined the formula for never ending appeal. Timeless elegance is a concept that lingers with purity, perhaps re-routing us back to our roots. The closer we stay to the original structure, the more authentic it feels and the more universally relatable it becomes.

Perhaps we are pre-disposed to return to our core and in doing so, find it familiar and comforting. It’s what we seem to want to see and wear, time and time again. We are drawn to its allure because it speaks a language we all understand. Islamic fashion is a remarkable adaptation of this elegance. With the multivariate nature of fashion, it is a science to be able to obtain precision of high impact with less. Modest wear is an art even further refined since there is a higher degree of concealment, yet manages to portray a new version of elegance. It speaks to the world beyond a fashion statement, but rather one of lifestyle. In doing so, it has created an opportunity to be true to your beliefs whilst remaining fashionable, as well as promoting a special brand of modest wear.

It is an image that redefines the very essence of timeless elegance and one that can be expected to influence the fashion industry in its entirety. To hold the interest of millions in an ephemeral world, amidst vast choice is no coincidence. It’s by purposeful design, using innate ability, that this is achieved.

Writer:                                    Shameema Siddique Dada  

                                                  Psychologist of Intuitive Scienc 

                                                 Stylist Psychologist for IFDC South Africa

Stylist:                                    Roshan Isaacs

                                                 Country Manager: IFDC South Africa

Model:                                    Viktoria Scholtz

                                                  Topco Models

Makeup Artist:                     La’eeqa Yunus

Photogrpaher:                      Tegan Smith Photography


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