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The seasons are changing and inspiration is at every corner, from the latest Vogue on the newsstands to the store window displays. A struggle I have on a daily basis – as I’m sure many others experience – is how to re-create styles in a modest fashion. Picking up the right pieces, knowing the best way to layer them or where to find them in the first place is often an unwelcomed challenge. The reality is, a majority of the franchise has not yet mastered an adequate approach to the modest market. Understandably it has been a hit and miss as major elements of the modest consumer’s point of view have seemingly been ignored. A major key to capturing the interest and loyalty of the modest consumer is understanding that although modesty has a global conceptual definition, it also entails a range. Just as everyone has his or her own style, not every individual will incorporate modesty into their wardrobe in the same way. To satisfy this range, a larger selection is required, not only in stores and designers, but also in the types of clothing and topics covered regarding modesty in one’s lifestyle. By truly taking the time to assess the needs of its customer base, IFDC’s Pret-A-CoverTM (PAC) has blown competition out of the water, creating a space that facilitates every day shopping all the while providing interesting content on a wide range of topics. From fashion and lifestyle to beauty, PAC is taking you on their new journey, and you are sure to love it! At A glance, Pret-A-CoverTM is a new store category being introduced by IFDC to retailers worldwide. Any retailer that would have a pret-a-porter department for ready wear, a couture department for party wear, or active wear department for the athletic consumer, is now encouraged to consider signing up for a Pret-A-CoverTM department for modest wear. An idea that is sure to take the frustration out of shopping for the modest fashion consumer who otherwise has to expend energy on not only finding the right look, but at times having to find layers in order to give adequate coverage – a task that can take days whereas their mainstream fashion counterpart would be assured success every time. Now the Pret-A-CoverTM also guarantees success to the valuable modest wear consumer whose spending power is increasing to the tune near $500 billion! Yet, there’s more to this Pret-A-CoverTM program. As a consumer, a whole new world opens up with the tools provided by PAC. Products and designs from participating stores around the world will be available in one easily accessible online space with tips on what to look for when creating a specific style, and how to use it. Any clothing franchise can create a website with catalogues – as almost all of them do nowadays – showcasing the designs of the season. However, they will not include tips on how to style the clothes according to one’s modesty preferences, or explain how to go about finding certain items and how to incorporate them into multiple outfits. PAC ensures that the consumer feels comfortable and acts like your own personal shopping partner. Having these tools and tips eliminates the stress of not knowing what to buy and how to make it work, transforming the online shopping experience into one that feels like it was catered to your specific needs. This is only one of the many ways in which PAC highlights the very strong concepts upon which it was built. And it gets better… As a modest consumer, my inquiries go beyond my search for fashion advice and inspiration. Modesty is a concept that infiltrates all aspects of one’s life, and this is an essential element that PAC has grasped beautifully. On PAC’s online space, I have access not only to fashion tips, but other topic discussions such as lifestyle, beauty tips and decor, showing me how I can use a wide selection of items from different retailers and how they all play into the modesty concept.

Pret-A-CoverTM takes everything a consumer wants and needs and puts it all in one place, creating something that is not available anywhere else online. In some ways, the modest market is relatively new and it is as we find our feet, that we need tools like PAC that will help individuals discover things they have not had the chance to tap into thus far. In a very charismatic way, PAC is forming a bridge between the modest market and the retailers worldwide, who have not yet found their way to this consumer group. On one hand, consumers will have access to global retailers’ products in one convenient place, and in return the retailers gain exposure and revenue from a consumer source they did not have before. It is a win-win situation all around, and more excitingly, a new door opening, allowing the modest market to continue expanding while keeping the consumer comfortable. It is so thrilling to witness the commencement of such an interface, one that I believe the modest market has been in need of for a long time now. It is finally time to say goodbye to the everyday challenges we as modest consumers face, and say hello to your new and trusted go to: Pret-A-CoverTM Online! Source of article: Hanna Sow


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