The Nostalgic Classics – Fringadine

modest wear

By Madiha Ajaz

Based in London, Fringadine is a fashion house of ready-to-wear clothing designed by Helen and Malika. These two young designers have developed a fashion line that is both unique in style and authentic in design. Fringadine believes in timelessness, hence it produces a style that resists the fleeting trends of fashion. Each of its garments is a blend of beauty and sobriety, with a touch of the nostalgic authenticity of the past. 

 The collections by Fringadine present simple yet timeless color palettes, layering textures and longer hemlines. While respecting the codes of simplicity and ethic, it also portrays style and modernity.  Aiming at the modest-conscious yet chic women of today, Fringadine is a unique fashion house that offers stylish garments exclusively tailor-made with artisan craftsmanship in Paris. It only produces limited editions per season. Their garments can easily be paired with a scarf to be flaunted modestly when in public, yet still create a chic and feminine flair in private.  

 If you want to witness a wardrobe collection that is nothing short of a time capsule from the past, yet contemporary enough for today, Fringadine showcasing its classics at Pret-A Cover™ Buyers Lane won’t disappoint you.

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