The Modesty Movement is more than just ‘Pretty’

It’s uplifting and overwhelming to see how modest fashion is growing. Ladies from all corners of the world are constantly embracing their identity in different ways and showing society what it really is to be a woman who is covered. However, the sad part of all this is how modest fashion is being represented. From an outside point of view, if you check all these social media pages promoting modest fashion all you see is Pretty or Perfection. Which makes me wonder; is this what modesty fashion is all about? Did we work so hard to promote our identity that we only open doors to the pretty side of being modest in one’s dressing? Just like mainstream fashion statements, modest fashion too has plus size ladies and also those who prefer having less makeup or any other essentials. What happened to being natural and embracing one’s self. I can’t help but feel as though the modest fashion movement has only open doors to perfection. Perfect makeup, perfect body size and has forgotten about all those other aspect. I feel as though, modesty fashion has the same trait as mainstream fashion trends which are body size and pretty. Being a trend that has taken off recently and is in its growing progress, it needs to open doors to Normal. In the sense that, we need to stop putting really high bars on this trends that break down other women on being confident and bold in their look and mode of dressing. It would be a breath of fresh air, if we start seeing pages promoting modest fashion in all shapes, sizes and different style preferences too. Because we always need to remember, being modest in your dressing isn’t only about looking good, it’s about empowering all women to be who they are in whatever they feel comfortable with. Being modest is beautiful and it starts with being YOU! Article By: Nadia from

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