The Many Head Dresses of a Queen

Head of State is a job that comes with a dress code. Regal, yet practical. Timeless, yet right for the moment. We look back at how the Queen has redefined sovereign style. 1-main 1953-xlarge 1959-xlarge 1960-xlarge 1962-xlarge 1963-xlarge 1966-xlarge 1968-xlarge 1970-xlarge 1971-xlarge 1975-xlarge 1979-xlarge 1984-xlarge 1985-xlarge 1992-xlarge 1994-xlarge 1997-xlarge 1998-xlarge 2001-xlarge 2002-xlarge 2003-xlarge 2004-xlarge 2005-xlarge 2007-xlarge 2008-xlarge 2010-xlarge 2012-xlarge 2015-xlarge Queen17-large Source:

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