The Longer Shirt Trend for Men

Simplicity is key when it comes to style for men. A simple jean and t-shirt can look trendy, fashionable and chic all at the same time, but sometimes even the guys can be more adventurous with their personal style. Longer Shirt Trend Middle Eastern styles have influenced the mainstream fashion market in many ways, and the long buttoned-up shirt and t-shirt definitely derives from this in my opinion. It is a great trend for all guys to try and tick all our boxes when it comes to fashion from comfort to practicality. longer shirt trend3 There are two ways to make this trend work for you. Firstly, if you are tall, you can layer your look to add dimension to it and secondly you can choose to keep it simple with a pair of fitted pants (remember to keep your look balanced – if you want to wear something “baggy” on top, keep your pants fitted and vice versa!)  

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