by Liam & Jeila

Have you ever wondered who are Liam and Jeila?

Liam (short for Liamann) and Jeila, are a sister duo based in Istanbul Turkey. Liamann is a well established fashion designer and Jeila is a graphic designer come artist. Uniting their expertise back in 2014 and since, the Liam & Jeila brand has been making waves internationally with fashion clothing and accessories for the contemporary women.

Aiming at each design to be simplistic and practically yet classy and trendy. With practicality being the core attribute of their brand. Whatever they design, they aim to make items which are easy to wear and the individual wearing their range to feel comfortable and relaxed.

We take honour in revealing the brand’s latest invention. A trendy yet glamourous range of accessories meant just for your shoes.

It is no secret that shoes are the guilty pleasure for women in general. ‘I have too many shoes’,  said no women, ever! As women we revel in our ever growing collection of heels and flats, sandals and sneakers and love admiring them be it on our feet or even ‘gracing’ the shelves of our closets.

But let’s be realistic. Not all of us can afford to buy dozens of shoes for every occasion. Upon this sad realisation, using our artistic minds, came the birth for the concept and design for our latest range; shoes accessories. Yes! You heard right! Shoes Accessories!

Now you can accessorize your favourite pair of shoes according to the event or even your mood, having endless possibilities which are easy to change up at any time. Made of crystals, beads, swarovski stones, pearls, fringes, leather trim and fur- they go with just about any look.

These accessories allow one to transform a plain shoe into infinite styles and looks. One simple elegant, classic stillletto is all you need. Having these accessories at hand gives you the opportunity to transform the look of your shoes and also accessorize it as you wish. But wait, there’s more. Just one accessory can be placed on different parts of the shoe to keep changing up the look. Indeed a magic touch to your favorite pair of choice.

Keep up to date with the latest from the Liam and Jeila brand by connecting with the social media pages so you don’t miss out.

Since a picture says a thousand words, get ready to feast your eyes out on these beautiful accessories from our latest photo shoot by two amazing photographers Murat Gulcu and Mustafa Chetinkaya. Our beautiful model is non other than Izel Anamurluoglu, a professional ballerina and dancer from Turkey. The range is in collaboration with Ilvi (Turkey’s most popular shoe and bag brand).


All designs and pictures are proudly from the Liam and Jeila brand.

Hope you love them as much as we do.

        …….and that’s proof that as with Cinderella, a pair of shoes can change your life……


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