The Islamic Sneakers Biz Keeps Exploding!

Enter the kufi prayer sneakers whereby you simply slip off the outer shell of the sneaker to be fully compliant in your ablution for prayers. This is a big deal for the Muslim market, and now thanks to the new brand smartkhuffZ ®, this is possible in a fun, stylish, yet practical way.

The majority of more than a billion Muslims pray five times a day, removing their shoes and washing their feet. However, because special sealing leather socks preserve feet that have already gone through ablution, the convenience of going straight to prayers is possible.

A German Muslim and lecturer in Islamic theology has now combined these traditional prayer socks with modern sports sneakers so that they can be worn in everyday life and also look cool. As Muslim consumer demand is increasing worldwide fashionable lifestyle products yet within the parameters of faith-based guidelines, inventions like smartkhuffZ® are increasingly being received with enthusiasm.

This is a winning concept: Removable inner shoes that make a foot wash obsolete, combined with sporty outer shoes that meet all the needs of young people: design, image, high-tech, fun and

Dr. Schröter has already been granted by the recognized Al-Azhar (Egypt). A fatwa (legal opinion) that the prayer shoes fulfill the legal requirements of Islam. For distribution and retail inquiries,
please contact:

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