The Inspirational Woman Project: Anna Lecat

BY Bri Seeley

The Inspirational Woman Project believes that every woman is inspirational. It’s our mission to tell their stories.

Entrepreneur, world traveler and mother of two, Anna Lecat was disappointed in her fashion choices. She could either dress in mock menswear and be uncomfortable, or she could be comfortable in shapeless wear. Believing that clothing could be stylish, feminine, and comfortable, Lecat set out to fill the void for herself and for women everywhere and she created Les Lunes. Her quest to provide comfortable, ethically made clothing with a feminine, Parisian flair was only a part of the equation; she also wanted to create a culture where entrepreneurs, artists and aspiring optimists could unite in support of one another.

From beginning to end, Lecat is dedicated to being socially, ethically and environmentally responsible within her brand. Les Lunes is built on the idea that true fashion is timeless. She is bucking the mainstream model of following trends and, instead, embracing the slow fashion movement. Each piece is created with a classic, elegant style to fulfill a purpose for the customer, so that it will remain a beloved companion in their wardrobe for years to come. Lecat’s choice to embrace slow fashion is ultimately about her commitment to quality, integrity and making wise choices.


How does Les Lunes fulfill your mission of entrepreneurs, artists, and aspiring optimists uniting in support of each other?

{Lecat} We work with many artists within our team – designers, writers, photographers, and more. Within this environment of working with artists, we have created a flow of creativity that maintains our main philosophy of the customer as our muse.

We also work intimately with our customers to understand their lifestyle and needs. They inspire us. These are everyday women, not celebrities or famous people. We share their stories of how difficult life can be, how the each deal with their difficulties, what hopes/dreams they have and how they achieve them. It creates a supportive environment to bring our community together.

What does femininity mean to you?

{Lecat} Femininity means celebrating all aspects of being a women from soft to strong and everything in between. Women are incredibly sexy when they are most confident. Femininity means embracing women’s ability to run a country, a boardroom, and a household while being supportive.

Our customers are mostly high level executives who are unsure that dressing feminine and accentuating their curves is appropriate in the business world. But it doesn’t matter how a woman dresses, it’s about confidence. Women can dress in a feminine way so they can be confident to conduct themselves the best they can. In Europe, women wear what they want to work. They don’t have strict dress code policies. Women show off their beauty in every facet of their lives. We are a bit behind that in America. My hope is that it’s going to change.

What made you decide to use Bamboo as the primary fabric for Les Lunes?

{Lecat} Bamboo is soft and strong just like a woman! I fell in love with bamboo because of what it does to our planet and how it comes out in fabric form. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, efficient in its water in take, grows in various climates without the need for pesticides or fertilizers, and it is very good for overgrazed areas.

When do you feel most powerful?

{Lecat} I feel most powerful when I am surrounded by my team of passionate people all working towards one dream. In our company we primarily hire entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is about fulfilling need to make the world a better place. Because it’s about fulfilling a need, it requires a person who is going to listen. The best entrepreneurs calm themselves down and listen to others. In doing so they hear diversity, hear opinions, and understand what people need. Our team is full of people like that. People who listen. People who are passionate about fulfilling a need and making the world better place. I am constantly surrounded by people that want to make the world better.

And (of course) when I wear Les Lunes. Comfort is my power.

Why are you inspirational?

{Lecat} That is for others to answer. All I know is that passion and determination are contagious.

What inspires you?

{Lecat} I am inspired by the Les Lunes Woman’s enthusiasm and zest for life. I have a deep respect for people that are not only living their lives fully, but also take the time to encourage others to reach their full potential. I am motivated by strong women that don’t take no for an answer and are willing to risk everything in pursuing a path or product they believe in. These are characteristics I cultivate in my own life and I am honored to be able to call many of these like-minded women friends.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

{Lecat} My body. I love everything about it. Every curve, every line, the strength, beauty, sensuality, and the vulnerability of it.

What is your mantra?

{Lecat} What is real? And then what is fun and joyful about it?

How do you deal with your inner naysayer?

{Lecat} When I am afraid of something or unsure of what to do, I share my doubts and fears with my friends. I am surrounded by amazing, honest, and brave people, especially my husband Jerome Lecat who is my biggest supporter. They offer support and inspiration when I need it, or just make fun of my fears which usually helps me the most!

What gets you out of bed every morning?

{Lecat} I love my life and I love my work. I cannot wait to get up in the morning, to see my kids and my family, and then get to WORK!!!


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