The Ideal Hijab Storage

By: Madhiha Taseen

Scarves are arguably the most important accessory in a hijabi’s wardrobe. They are required for every outfit but fill up our drawers in the dresser very quickly. For this reason, they need a proper system to ensure they do not become an organizing nightmare.

The preferred hijab storage has the following criteria:

  1. Be efficient to take out and put back – the process of getting ready and cleaning up.
  2. Allow you to see all your hijabs at once – makes it easier when deciding what to wear and to determine shopping needs.
  3. Minimize space – to accommodate our countless heaps of scarves
  4. Should look esthetically pleasing and organized – hijabs are often tossed onto hangers, on the back of doors, or overflowing bins. This can create a cluttered feel.

The following two methods are ideal to satisfy the above.

Multiple Folding Method

This is advised for non-frequently worn hijabs (ie. formal events, specialty scarves).

Pros: Folding will save greatly on space and allow you to see all your hijabs at once, which may be organized by colour or type. Any type of box or drawer can be used.

Cons:  Once they are taken out, the folded creases may need to be ironed (but this is reasonable considering they are for non-frequent wears). You would also need to neatly fold back your hijab to maintain its look, but this is like all clothing that must be put away after worn.

Single Hanging Method 

This is advised for frequent go-to hijabs, which could range between 5 to 10 hijabs (assuming the 80/20 principle in that 80% of the time, we wear the same 20% of our scarves)

Pros: This is extremely easy to put back as they are merely hooks or individual loops dedicated to each of your favoured hijabs.

Cons: It requires a bit more in your budget and space and so may not be ideal for small closets. However, the hooked hangers shown below can be an alternative for loops (if used in more open closets).

Below are some examples on ways to hang your hijab. With these options in mind, you can shop around to determine which kind would be right for you.

Issues with Other Methods

Shower Loops on Hangers

  • Unless it is glued in place, the rings will fall on top of each other when pulling out a hijab, lop siding the entire hanger. This can be frustrating to put away.
  • The small pointy openings of the loop can snag hijabs when pulling them out.
  • In small dark closets, the scarves near the back cannot be seen. If the hanger can rotate, it will likely topple as the rings move from their place.


  • This may look very cluttered in a small bedroom (ie. behind the door).
  • Hijabs will bulk and hide one another or look messy if not put away correctly.

Multi-Velvet Hangers

  • The flower shapes or multi hooks and rods look attractive; but the shape is concealed once scarves are placed on. Hijabs will bulk and hide one another or look messy if not put away correctly.
  • In small dark closets, the scarves near the back can’t be seen.
  • Depending on the scarf, it can be difficult to remove the scarf since the velvet grips.
  • Not an ideal storage method for hijabs that need to be handled delicately or in a specific way (ie. crinkle scarves should be stored twisted). However, velvet rods are a good option for silk scarves as shown in the image.

There are countless options available to store your hijabs. It all boils down to your individual habits (laid back vs always tidy) and what you want to get out of your method (ease vs perfection). I would finally suggest looking at Google and Pinterest ideas to see what you can put together with your given space, budget, and goals.


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