The Hijab Lee – Classic Meets Contemporary

By Nawshaba Ahmed 

Pret A Cover Buyers Lane brings you innovative designers from all around the world who will exhibit their designs so that you can explore different modest fashion trends. One such designer house to watch out for is The Hijab Lee from India. The Hijab Lee is a partnership firm, engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing the best quality Islamic fashion. This upcoming fashion house will not only wow you with their fusion of traditional and contemporary designs, but they dress you so that you feel confident. Their creations though modest are in sync with the changes in fashion happening around us. Their source of inspiration comes from the motto of “Hijabifying” western styles. They also draw on the Arab culture and rich Indian craftsmanship for inspiration.   

The Hijab Lee believes that women don’t have to limit their choices while dressing, because they can now dress smartly and modestly. They offer you garments for all occasions whether formal, casual or special occasion. Their clothes are chic and elegant and signal that you are today’s modern and independent woman who can dress herself as per her choice.

Watch out for their color blocked abaya that exudes elegance and demands presence. Their silk ‘jilbab’ is the one to try if you’re looking for comfort and style. The Hijab Lee is all about confidence, youth and modesty, not forgetting trendiness and class. It believes in changing with modern times yet maintaining the modesty of Muslim women. Their eye-catching jumpsuit and kaftan are such examples of evolving fashion.

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