The Global Brands Bringing Fashion and Function to Modest Activewear

By Silvia Ullah

At the base of the modest fashion movement, there are women who have the willingness to fight against the typical imaginary of the modest woman presented by the media as a monotonous individual who follows a very simplistic lifestyle. In reality, modesty is a relative concept that changes from person to person, and even though the concept of modesty has always been attributed to religious women, specially referring to their modest clothing, it is a style that is followed by many individuals for reasons that go beyond faith.

Muslim women have always wanted to fight against the stereotype that represents them as passive individuals, when in reality they have been very much active figures in all societies for centuries. Modest fashion has been one of the ways to fight against these types of stereotypes, as it has been well known that clothing is one of the most explicit forms of communicating our identity. But besides fighting against an image that Muslim or modest women in general don’t feel represented by, the whole movement was born as a way to satisfy the necessity of modest clothing that can be comfortable, stylish and versatile, and in recent years the global market has shown to be ready to grab this opportunity.


Ibtihaj Muhammad, USA National Team

The demand by Muslim women to be able to wear comfortable and also creative sportswear without having to renounce their modesty and to be represented as active women who take care of their body’s, has been taken care of not just by exclusively modest fashion brands but mainstream sports brand as well!  

As Lisa Vogl, founder of the VERONA COLLECTION, a Muslim modest fashion brand, said when introducing her latest sports collection “Sports, Working out, and staying fit is a part of me and being Muslim certainly doesn’t change that”  

Even though Nike has created a buzz by being one of the first mainstream sports brands to introduce the “NIKE HIJAB PRO” which has been tested by many Muslim women before putting it in the market, other Modest fashion brands have already presented their own version of modest active wear demanded by Muslim and non-Muslim women in general.  

Modest brands that have presented modest sportswear collections are Verona Collection, Asyia, Haramlak, UnderRapt, Nasrine and many more. 

Verona collection, whose founder had converted to Islam and expressed difficulty on finding clothing that was comfortable, modest and affordable for instance, has recently introduced a new sportswear collection that presents sport tops of both neutral and eye catching colors and includes all sizes to make sure that all body types can wear them.  

There is also UNDERRAPT LTD, the first sustainable modern sportswear brand that promotes a message of sustainability not just with the usage of organic fabrics, but by including sustainable practices in all stages of their business, from production to distribution.  


Then there is the “Cool Dry” headscarf introduced by Veil that is made 100% from nylon fabric, along with outer garments like “Halo running hoodie ”or“ Spark half zip in different colors and sizes.  

There is also the Spanish based company Haramlak that offers more creative varieties of the Burkini, or  ASYIA sports brand who has presented the headscarf in three different designs to allow different forms of coverage: “We want all girls to have the opportunity to establish healthy lifestyles and to build a foundation for future success”  

Another extremely versatile modest sportswear brand is OOLA SPORTS that has a great variety of contemporary, stylish and elegant modest sports clothing for all kinds of activities, by giving attention to the quality of the fabrics and the technical specifications needed. 

“Oola believes that every woman possesses the strength to push her own boundaries, redefine limits and overcome challenges”  

Who knew that there was such an abundant selection of different modest sportswear designers out there, releasing on-trend collections that make life fun for all us fashionistas.  Do you have a favorite brand that we haven’t mentioned, if so, let us know! #ModestRevolution 

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