The Game Changers of the Modest Fashion Market!

Young people from different walks of life are making tremendous efforts in the modest fashion movement. Others are warming up to the idea of dressing modestly and believing modest fashion can be stylish. Whether it be through social media, participating in fashion shows or designing – young people are holding the stick to this movement. Modest fashionistas on social media are the inspiration and icons to other young people who thought modest fashion could not be chic for their age. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs shaking the modest fashion platform are between the ages of 19 to 30. “When I first wore hijab, I would just wear my mom’s old scarves,” said former modest-clothing designer Zeena Alkurdi, 26, who is now working in the marketing field in Dallas. “I never really thought that I could have my own style and could make this look that I see at Forever 21 on the mannequin work for me.” From, Alkurdi went on to start a charity modest fashion show called “Fashion for Compassion” which attracted more than 200 people. “Our goal was to inspire creativity and inspire Muslim girls to show that, just because you wear hijab and are modest, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, too,” Alkurdi said. Young modest fashion designers are catching onto the trend as well with several fashion shows showcasing fashionable, yet modest designs. Recently, an Indonesian designer Restu Anggraeni with clothing brand ETU won the Indonesian Young Designer Award handed to her at Jakarta Fashion Week. There are also many other young designers and entrepreneurs taking modest fashion to another level. Restu Anggraini Summer Albarcha20 year old modest fashion blogger,  Albarcha from Ohio, USA has garnered international attention. She has 185, 000 followers on Instagram whereby she inspires other young modest wearers to dress fashionably even when modest. She says that it is a matter of just putting together different pieces available on the market to create an individualized look. She has been approached by many brands to use their designs and fashion creations and she posts them on her blog to encourage her followers to buy their clothes. She was also invited to speak at Fashion Forward in Dubai about what modest fashion is like in the USA.   For too long young people had a view that modest fashion was not stylish and cool enough for them to wear at their age. This may have been true a few years ago before the new trend of modest fashion had started. Modest fashion bloggers and designers have changed that view in young people and they are starting to embrace modest fashion. Yumna Patel, a 21-year-old senior at New York University, says modest fashion bloggers on Instagram inspire her as a young Muslim woman. She said that she dresses like them and she is refreshed to see these bloggers getting popular as “they bridge the gap between wanting to be stylish, keeping up with trends, while also adhering to your own morals and values” International Business Times   Sources :, and

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