The Fashionable Way to Wear a Beard This Season

The past few years, beards have become one of the biggest fashion trends for men to follow. The scruffier the beard, the better! Hollywood A-listers including Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal have all showed the world how having a bushy beard and wearing a designer suit can make you look  trendy, relevant and stylish. Hippie beard Having a beard can make a man look and feel more confident, more masculine and creative as you can style your beard to suit your look – it is definitely something every guy should try at least once and if you would like to make this season your “season of the beard”, here’s the biggest trends in beard fashion at the moment. Full beard The “Hipster” beard is definitely the most popular in the fashion industry. It requires some maintenance, but it is a firm favourite and definitely one of the trendiest looks to try.   Hipster Beard The “Full” beard is the other very popular beard and this is a good look for either a professional or a fashionable man. It suits most men and their face shape which makes it a popular choice for many. Full beard 2 Keep in mind that having a beard depends on your hairstyle, age and face shape so keep all these in mind when choosing your ideal beard but most importantly – have fun and dare to be different this season with your facial hair! hippy beard 2 By Elrico Bellingan.

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