The Buying Power of the So-Called Oppressed Woman

By Sahar Arrayeh

How does one luxury shop? They go to Harrods

London is known to attract many tourists from all parts of the world. People come to see major attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, and Hyde Park. Many people visit London for the shopping, the main shopping areas being Oxford Street and Westfield shopping centres. As for Luxury shopping, Harrods is definitely the main destination.

Harrods is a large department store known to house designer and luxury brands, many tourists and locals visit Harrods to just have a look at the product and possibly exclaim very loudly how ridiculously expensive a bag could be, while others are there to lay the money down.

Now, when looking at the origins of shoppers, one can say that it is as diverse as diverse can be. But if you stand in front of Harrods long enough, you’ll start noticing the dominant tourist origin wears a head scarf.


Middle Easterners (especially women) are normally stereotyped into a culture that is regressive  and not in touch with the world, it is a culture that has been described as oppressive to women and has taken away her rights. But, looking at these supposedly oppressed women, they seem to seamlessly intergrade into current fashion while still holding on to their cultural and religious values. Some can be seen draped from top to bottom in designer items. These supposedly oppressed women, seem to be contributing greatly to the massive number of tourist that visit Harrods every day. Harrods employees know this, and are always ready to receive them.

It makes one wonder, would Harrods still be this alive if the Middle Eastern woman was as oppressed as she is portrayed to be?



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