By: Adhya Sethuraman

Fashion is a unique blend of a myriad of shades and shapes in coherence with exquisite combinations of materials and pieces that frames your figure. Such experimentation with the expansive elegance of textures and metals pushes to embrace the fearless fashion of minimalism. An enchanting ensemble is an assemblage of fabrics with cautiously picked accessories. The art of accesorization gives the much needed edge to an outfit of any proportion. Ornamentation converts a basic outfit into a glaringly obvious piece of art. Accessorization adds flavour to the vast and overwhelming world of clothes ranging from the simple tee to extravagant robes.

From working on your budget to making a style statement in this reinventing world of style, splurging on the pieces will blow up the sassiness of your attire and make your quirks glare.

Here is a sequence of compelling pieces that will find a way through each of your wardrobes and harmonize with your attire to define yourself and make a strong statement.


From a casual tee over a pair of comfy jean or a blouse over a skirt, body chains play along with every fabric and figure. From the chunky, heavy metal chains to the simple light weighted pieces, every pattern of the chain goes along with women of every figure and attire that is as simple and modest as tee or even a dress.


These metallic pieces of art may sometimes combine with stones to add a statement to your ensemble. They adorn those parts of the body that are left uncared for in the run for fad. Hence these statement cuffs can adorn even the most basics of an outfit into prepossessing piece of clothing. Such versatile pieces adorn not just the wrist but even your neck and leg. Prevalently available in monotonous colours, cuffs harmonize well with monogrammed looks or solid colours that need a factor to pump the sass quotient of the attire.


Tassels in their bright and bold mix are a flamboyant piece of jewellery that pairs up with the simplest of attires to give the presently thriving bohemian look. From earrings to statement neckpieces, these feathery ornaments have burgeoned onto every fashion frame. A tassel jewellery can be worn in multiple styles – a single chunky piece or a layered set of fragile strings that might adorn your neck.


Belts are the most common component of any outfit, be it a jean or even a dress. A belt over a jean is an everyday style but a belt over a dress is what sets you apart from the crowd. Belts in fluorescent colours with designer embellishments are currently in vogue. A belt over a simple and a flowy gown may shape the dress to contour your frame thus giving the look a whole new dimension.

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