Styling 101 for the Modern Muslimah!

It’s often complicated styling a modest Muslimah from the high-street-world’s leading fashion labels. However, in our ever evolving world of fashion, many leading labels such as Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci are slowly, but surely incorporating modesty into their pieces. Muslim consumers in the fashion market are rapidly becoming an asset to the international $500 USD market, catering to their dress requirements is a must. Below are 4 hand-styled outfits from three different, luxurious brands. V A L E N T I N O 1 VALENTINO This hand sewn dress paired with nude Valentino heels and a soft pink lace scarf is feminine, and perfect for a special event. Pair it with a clutch and this look is ready to go. ifdc 2 VALENTINO This ancient Egyptian inspired dress goes hand-in-hand with a black lace scarf . A pop of color such as this green clutch will make the look fresh and interesting. From a stylist point of view, you can never go wrong in matching your bag and your shoes. ifdc 3 D O L C E A N D G A B B A N A Dolce and Gabbana is well-known for their colourful prints and matching pieces. This look is inspired by the beauty of Italy, and is from their 2016 collection. It’s perfect for a daring fashionista wanting to try something different! With Dolce and Gabbana – more is more! htmlimage2 4 G U C C I This look is subtle, elegant and very versatile. This 70s style dress is trendy and can be paired with wooden or leather accessories. Or for a more casual look, wear with sandals and take a stroll along the beach. Article Writer By Israa Al-Tamimi

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