This weekend sees the world’s richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup, come around once again, held this year on March 26 at Meydan. While the majority of you probably already wear a suit to work every day, it’s time to up your game for the region’s biggest (and fanciest) sporting event especially if you’re thinking of entering the Jaguar Style Stakes where you could win a Jaguar F-Type. We’ve asked two of Dubai’s menswear experts for their counsel for choosing a suit for the day and how you can make smart sartorial choices this year: *** 247_AscotChapel20130309_6960403MAHIR ALI Artistic director of Dubai-based tailors, Ascot & Chapels Traditionally, people wear tails to the races. While it’s not absolutely a necessity at the Dubai World Cup, if you are going to go down the traditional route, try updating tails with a twist. For instance opting for a double-breasted vest in a paisley pattern. A double-breasted jacket is comfortable, less constrictive and also gives you the ability to move. After all, the racing is all about being social and meeting people. As for suit colours, choose a lighter shade of blue. We have lately introduced a range of powder blue fabrics at Ascots & Chapels in our Super 130s Buckingham Collection. We also have a bolder chalk stripe in an electric blue, which is a perfect fit for the gent who wants to wear something a little different. Keep in mind the Dubai World Cup is not a wedding reception or a convention, so I would advise skipping the standard neck-tie. Tips to accessorise this season? Try playing around with cravats, ascots, or even silk or wool scarves. Even a fancy bow-tie is acceptable. Lapel pins can add a lot of colour and I’d always advise towards wearing a pocket square. Make sure you take sunglasses — a pair of vintage Persols always work well with a suit. And, if you can, opt for a pocketwatch if you are sporting tails or a threepiece- suit. DO NOT wear something that doesn’t suit your personality. Don’t overdo your accessories, and try and pile everything on at once. The Dubai World Cup is about looking elegant and feeling comfortable.

“Skip the necktie and opt for either a cravat or an ascot. Even a fancy bow-tie is acceptable” – MAHIR ALI

Adrian1ADRIAN AZODI Founder of men’s accessories label, Monsieur Fox The races should be about wearing something that’s elegant as well as light and wearable. So wearing a more casual fabric in a tailored manner is the best choice. Opt for a mixed wool and linen or hopsack fabric, which is also excellent. When it comes to shape, tailoring is filling out finally, so stay away from anything too skinny, or too narrow. Full lapels and fuller legs will give shape and lend some substance to what you’re wearing. For accessories, certainly a pocket square and a lapel pin or chain are spot on, and it’s a great time to wear a hat, too. Something from Borsalino or Lock & Co. will last forever and wear well too. Choose something with a bit more brim than is typically popular; it lends a much more masculine and appropriate look for the day. Traditionally a tie is required, however, instead of wearing an average silk or Jacquard tie, choose a grenadine, or silk shantung with maybe even spots or stripes. The texture and pattern will stand out among the sea of office suits with tacky bright colours. Think about choosing your outfit around a colour scheme. This SS16 looks to be  focused on exploring the range of hues within colours like cream, stone, blue and natural greens. So think a muted palette, with texture as your point of differentiation. DO NOT throw absurdly loud colours together, with either accessories or your suit. Good tailoring goes a long way, so make sure that your clothes aren’t wearing you!

“Opt for a mixed wool and linen or a hopsack fabric when it comes to a suit” – ADRIAN AZOD

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