Stella McCartney Modifying The Red Carpet

Islamic Fashion and Design Council Stella McCartney could be the reason why we see celebrities don the modest gown more often than would be the case on the red carpet. Of all the big names in Paris, McCartney makes clothes that slide most effortlessly into a wardrobe, whether that of A-list actresses or A-list career women. The elision of masculine and feminine, evident in all her collections, has near universal appeal. That said, she’s not afraid to challenge: playing with the oversized jackets, blouses or long waistcoats and floaty oblong shaped sheer and opaque layers that have pre-occupied Paris. And like the rest of Paris, some combinations looked clunky. Perhaps a thigh length blouson shape over a midi is beyond rescue. Like almost all designers, McCartney said she was bored with painful heels – and conceded that her involvement with the Olympics may have influenced one or two sporty looking vest tops. Source:

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