Staying True to One’s Identity in the 21st Century

“Don’t let them make anything of you but yourself, that’s all.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs The 21st century is one of the most challenging eras that we as humans have come across. From Race to Religious segregation coming out of different corners of the world, it makes it hard for individuals to stay true to their identity due to the fear of not being able to keep up with worldly affairs. However, one cannot stay true to one’s identity if you aren’t sure of what and who they are. Despite all the challenges that arise that we have to face from time to time, self-identity should be our strongest ability. Yes, Islamophobia exists in different parts of the world, though one shouldn’t be triggered to doubt or question what they believe and follow all because of the religious prejudice shown by the media. As we all are aware, media is the strongest channel that manages to curve people’s ideology about different situation happening around the world. And so far with the constant problems happening all under the name of Islam, it has managed to give one-sided information about Islam and Muslims as a whole. Nevertheless, with all these challenges cooped up all around Islam and Muslims, I have managed to brainstorm means in which one can still stay true to their identity without being fearful of what would happen to them if they embrace their Identity without losing what they have worked so hard for:

  1. Be You – Don’t wait for people to define you, be sure of who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Avoiding Groups that promote segregation – It’s good to stay neutral.
  3. In times of distress always talk to someone who understands – This helps you stay grounded to yourself and boosts up your morale and confidence with what you face.
  4. Interact with others and have an open mind – From talking to others you learn about their thought process and get to understand why they say or do things, and from that you can easily give them your own opinion according to how they view situations
  5. Respect other people’s values – That’s the first rule of self identity, once you respect their values, they will respect yours.

Article Exclusively Written for IFDC by Nadia from Fiercely Modest Blog:

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