Staying Fit with Your Partner

Whether it’s a diet, dancing or going on an adventurous holiday – we share some tips and ideas on how to stay fit as a couple.

  • Mutual Agreement:

    This means that both you and your partner must come to an agreement on your journey on staying fit together and working towards change and growth as a team and not separately. Once this move has been solidified, it becomes easier to work on staying fit together and making the most out of it.

  • Evaluation:

    Take time to evaluate each other’s eating habits, body and workout routines, this makes it easier for both of you to know where each one of you is going wrong and what routines fit you best. By evaluating your eating habits you get a glimpse of how much calorie intake is consumed and what can be used as a replacement for a clean n healthy diet that would fit you both.

  • Set Goals:

    As much as you are partners and you would opt to have same goals, this would actually not turn out well. Each person’s body is different and takes time to react to new routines and impact differently. However if each of you jot down individual goals and then share them among yourself it would make much of a difference. By your partner knowing about your goal he/she can be able to push you harder and make sure you work on what you want to achieve without feeling other wise.

  • Create Routines & make them a Lifestyle:

    Keeping fit can be quite boring especially if you have consistent routines. They demoralise you and somewhat pull you out of the whole fitness journey. However, if you and your partner create fun routines and inflict them onto you day to day basic routines it would change your attitude and be more open to doing things together that would serve both the purpose of staying fit and enjoying each others company.

  • Discipline:

    A lot of times we fail to keep up with certain decisions we make in our lives that require commitment and discipline. However, it’s quite easy to be achieved once you and your partner try to discipline one another when it comes to your fitness routine and lifestyle. This not only keeps you both in line but it also gives you relationship/commitment a boost as you would both keep each other on check.

  • Gym games and Rewards:

    Monotonous work out can be pretty boring at the gym, that is why you and your partner can use your gym days as form of a gaming field. All you do is agree on the type of exercises both of you need to do on that specific day and set rewards for each of you once you achieve a certain time frame. This makes your 45min – 1hour gym time fun and exciting.

  • Adventurous Holidays:

    As much as this wouldn’t be the ideal kind of holiday for one of you, it could somehow work out. An adventurous holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be hiking or extreme park visits. It could be a trip to the Bahamas or Barbados though your trip plan should be customised in the sense that it should have more of walking on the beaches, swimming or even cycling and less time spending sitting under the sun.

  • Weekly Dance:

    Pick a day during the week and  just stay indoors with your partner and dance. If you have kids, weekends would be good days to pick so that way you can take your kids to a daycare or to spend time with their grandma and have the whole house to yourselves. Put on your favourite album and just dance away together.

  • Open-Air Dates:

    These dates not only help regulate your blood cycle they also give you time with your partner to bond and know what new is going on in their busy life and yours. And after that long stroll it would be nice to stop by a smoothies shop and grab yourself a smoothie to boost your metabolism.

  • Have a Cheat Day:

    As i always say ‘ Cheat Days are the best Days!’ have whatever you missed having and just let your taste buds do the talking. it always helps your body put in bit of extra fat that is needed.

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