Spot the right eyeshadow!

Whether you have hazel, blue, brown or green eyes, it can be difficult finding the right eyeshadow shade to dress the windows to your soul.

If you want to emphasize the color of your eyes, keep in mind that different shades work better with particular colors. Some eye make-up colors draw attention away from your eyes, so choosing the right shade is key.

Read on to gain insight on which colors will leave you sparkling by enhancing the depth and brightness of your eye color.

To choose a color that will complement your eye color it’s important to understand the color wheel. If you’re not familiar with the color wheel, it’s quite simple: complementary colors are found opposite to each other. If you have green eyes, warm shades like red, pink and purple will complement your eye color because they are opposite to green on the color wheel.


Blue eyes

Orange is opposite to blue in the color wheel which makes it a complementary color – so anything in that color family will emphasize blue eyes. Try shades and tints of orange, red and yellow to emphasize your eye color and to create a beautiful, dramatic effect.

If those colors are too bright for you and you’re looking for something that’s more natural and wearable during the day, try copper, gold, peach, coral, pinks and warm browns. Blue eye colors stand out the most when the colors of the entire make-up look are toned down using bronze and copper shades. Keep the lips neutral as well and opt for a frosty or glossy nude shade to look like a bronzed goddess. Light, neutral tones complement cool blue eyes the best so try to stay away from any harsh colors, like an overly dark, black smoky look.


Green eyes

Eye shadow colors with red undertones like burgundy, maroon and pink, or colors close to violet, lavender, peach, plum, and red are ideal complements to green eyes. Warm metallics like red-based copper and bronze tend to bring out not only the green, but often accentuate the beautiful grey and brown flecks that green-eyed people usually have.

If you love smoky eye looks, consider plum eye shadow your new BFF as it makes green eyes more vibrant. Dark plum and purple shades come off as black but still give you the benefits of a plum color. It’s the perfect color to create a dark eye look that’ll complement your green eyes.


Hazel eyes

People with hazel eye colors are very rare and extremely lucky as they can pull off almost any eye shadow color. However, to emphasize the hazel brown eye color, try to lean toward golden brown tones by using a brown eye shadow or pencil as your base. Autumn is your season as rich and warm neutral browns enhance the richness of hazel eyes.

Most hazel color-eyed people tend to have green tones as well. To bring out the green tones of the eyes, use a soft, army green shadow and line the lash lines using dark green hues for definition. If you’re the daring type and want to go for a more dramatic evening look, use a color that’s on the opposite side of the color wheel such as an eggplant shade. Purple always provides a gorgeous contrast to hazel, and it’s great for creating smoky eyes.


Brown eyes

In case you thought brown eyes were boring, these colors will prove you wrong. Just like hazel, brown eyed people are lucky and are able to experiment with many different colors. Purple shades are the perfect color to give depth and dimension to your dark brown eyes. To lighten up a smoky eye, stick to metallic bronzes, creamy beige’s and soft golds. You can always add a black liner to define the eyes a bit more.

Just like purple, any warm shadow in the reddish-brown and golden shade family will add depth to your eyes. Use warm and rich colors like terracotta, copper or rich amber. Combine those colors with metallic, golden tones to create the ultimate golden goddess effect. When experimenting with these colors, remember to keep the lip colors neutral as you want to keep your eyes the center of attention.




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