Soraya Syed, Beyond A Calligraphist

By: Amal Farhan

Awarded by International Research Centre for Islamic History, Culture and Art (IRCICA) the icazetname or The Authoritative Islamic Calligraphy Licence in 2005, Soraya is one of the first Europeans to achieve this. She never stops exploring, no wonder she bagged it!

This talented calligrapher was born and raised in London. She is of mixed Pakistani-French origins. She is married to Mukhtar Sanders; together they made it big with the launch of free smartphone app ‘Nuqta’ which bought together the Arabic calligraphy and typography. Their vision was to make their brain-child the ‘Wikipedia’ of Arabic calligraphy and typography.

The classical Arabic calligraphy with new technologies such as holography is her artistic fruition. Her calligraphy practice sessions are given at art schools in London. Also, she is giving a session at Prince’s School of Traditional Arts that is ending on 21st of October.

Soraya is creating and letting others create a future for calligraphy.


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