So much to do, so little time – Training made more time effective.

In a modern world, is there still time to work out properly? How can training be made more efficient and accessible to everybody? The great exercise excuse, the first reason most people will give when asked why they don’t work out regularly… “I don’t have enough time!”

Active Wear 1 My first thought is always; so your health isn’t that important then? Improving the quality of life for yourself, and setting the example for others around you, isn’t worth 30-60 minutes a day, three times a week? You don’t want your body to be full of endorphins and energy, and to be more efficient in fighting infection? Your completely happy with how you look and feel? NONE of us are super-human, ALL of us need to exercise; but the sad truth is, it’s hard for some of us to find the time in our modern day lives. Luckily for us, new research and studies are showing exercise needn’t be the long chore it used to be. More exciting options are becoming available, as well as fresh, innovative equipment. In the gym, at home, at the park, in the pool; to get a short, effective workout the principal is the same. HIGH INTENSITY. The higher your heart rate gets, the harder your body is working, therefore the better work out you are getting. This rule is applicable whether you are looking to loose weight, build muscle or improve athletic performance; only the technique and exercises change. For example, a runner may do a couple of sets of interval sprints, whereas a weight lifter may choose to do heavy dead lifts with timed rest intervals. When looking to burn fat, this principal can be used no matter where you are, how fit you are or what your current exercise routine may be. Take a cardiovascular based exercise; such as burpees, high knee runs, jump squats, step ups, plyometric lunges, sprints, cycling, or anything else that will make your heart rate elevate fast. (If you have time you can use more than one exercise or make a little circuit from these high intensity exercises). Now use intervals such as 45seconds work, 30seconds rest (or tabata intervals of 20seconds work, 10 seconds rest); for 4-5minutes worth of training. If you have time take a minutes rest then do it all over again for as many times as you can manage. During the working sections you need to push your body to it’s LIMIT, you should be unable to string a sentence together; then in the rest periods take only as long as is needed for you to regain your senses, in order to push just as hard in the next working interval. This technique is so simple, quick and yet extremely effective; make sure you CHALLENGE yourself, and remember it’s a short time so if you don’t work your body to the edge of capability then you won’t get desired results. It’s short and sharp, so give it everything and it will be over with before you know it. Now you can work out ANYWHERE for as short a time as 4 MINUTES! (Try and have a little warm up before and stretch after, even if that’s while you are continuing with your normal day). So that’s one excuse smashed… What’s the next one? Happy training all!   Source:

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