SILVERbac – Revolutionizing the Textile World

By Madiha Ajaz

We welcome to you, IFDC PretACover’s esteemed sponsor – SILVERbac, a remarkable innovation and enterprise in the textile industry. Living in the hot climate of UAE or traveling to this holiday destination, one is well aware of the annoyance caused by the high temperatures. Garments worn in these high temperatures are an ideal ground for the growth of bacteria, causing unpleasant odour. However, with SILVERbac technology, the production of any fabric eliminates the growth of microbes, consequently reducing any odour or unpleasantry conditions.

Invented by Zahir Ahmad 3 years ago, SILVERbac is an unrivalled antibacterial technology which is ideal for hijabs, abayas and thawbs. Women and men wearing abayas and thawbs, respectively, are familiar with the stale smell on their clothing after a long day out, but  the use of SILVERbac in the very same garments eliminates any potential of this. This technology has also been introduced in the production of socks, t-shirts, linens and towels – helping in controlling the spread of bacteria in these everyday items. Pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah have also benefitted from SILVERbac as it has also been used in the making of Ihrams as well. Evidently, the versatility of this revolutionary technology allows it to be incorporated into a variety of fabrics.

Slowly, but steadily, casting its place into the global market, SILVERbac has been adopted by major international brands all over the world. From the renowned Pakistani brand Gul Ahmed, to the established American corporation WestPoint Home, SILVERbac has started a revolution in the textile world. It’s not a surprise, smelling fresh and clean isn’t a luxury but an absolute necessity and in today’s fast paced life and corporate world, image is everything.

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