Share this Space – Spread the Success

pop up space

By Maryam Ismail

Say you have this great idea for an event, but you can’t afford a spot in Dubai Mall, you don’t have a penthouse office in Burj Khalifah, nor do you have friends with a swanky apartment on Palm Jumierah.  What do you do? Do not despair. Just check out the online space sharing website, Share This Space.  

 Share This Space is a community of space providers in Dubai for those who want to have a one-off event or a long-term gig or exhibition. Founder, Shahzad Bhatti describes it as, “A platform that we created especially for Dubai. It allows brands to connect with each other and enables them to share spaces with established commercial venues. It is an innovative way to allow start-ups to promote their products or services in a very cool way.”  

 According to their website, the online booking platform can be used to find rent spaces for just an hour up to a few months. This may be for the extension of days it takes for a pop-up shop or the testing of new gourmet recipes! From galleries to kitchens, Share This Space can help you meet new entrepreneurs and build your customer base. They are a proud sponsor of the Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane event, hosted by Islamic Fashion and Design Council Buyers Lane event from March 28th– April 2nd, 2018.

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