Schmiley Mo’s Schmashing Fashion to Keep You Schmiling

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By Maryam Ismail

Schmashing, schmart, and schic, is the best description of Diana Rikasari’s Schmiley Mo collection. This brand is teen-fashionista ready. And for the older folks, still in the kidult phase of life, they will have plenty for you to choose from.  

While it would be hard to cast her as solely a modest fashion designer, Rikasari has plenty to satisfy one’s quirky diva, modest fashion needs. With her long tops, loose fitting jackets and ruffle trousers. For the Muslimah who wants to keep it covered, there is the Hadia denim three-quarter length jacket, which can be worn to keep the chills off or over your favorite top as a statement piece. Next in line are two of my personal favorites, the Dacia long bomber jacket with the iconic smiley, cacti, and Schmiley Mo initials and the Diana Biker jacket. This is the reinvention of cool and add snazzy to even the frumpiest of bottoms. 

Schimiley Mo is unique because unlike many modest category brands it has a Japanese street fashion fun flare without the surreal cartoonish look-let’s call it Schmile-Style.  

Besides having some of the cutest styles, the brand also has some of the cute prices; with items that run less than $25USDS (115Dhs). 

From long tops, to jeans to dresses and jackets Schmiley Mo will definitely have you smiling more.

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