Sawour – Modest Parisian Glamour

By Madiha Ajaz

Promising to make her mark at Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane with her exceptional experience and remarkable talent, is Leila Mendjeli. She is a French designer who launched her fashion line in 2017 under the label Sawour. Her brand’s aim is to create more elegant and refined clothing options for modern women who choose to dress modestly.  

 After graduating from Bordeaux fashion school IBSM in 2014, Leila Mendjeli moved to Paris and worked under Chevignon and Yiquing Yin as an assistant pattern maker. She gained further experience by entering the luxurious Parisian houses of Chanel, Chloe, Givenchy and Loewe, and was able to learn a great deal about different fabrics and style. Once she was confident in creating modest styles with top designs, she decided to launch her own fashion house that was able to create incredibly glamorous lines with highest quality. Her collections are mostly long and loose fitting ready-to-wear attires, beautifully made of lace and silk. The ensembles wrap up sophistication with modesty.

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