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Search by: Price low to high

ifdc Online shopping is a wonderful way to save time. It’s like a whole mall displayed on your screen. Ready for you to pick and choose whatever you want. However, it can be the result of deep debt for some. So how do you ensure that you can save money while saving time?! Well, you may or may not be aware that most online stores share one supplier. Yep, that’s right! There can be several stores that will sell the exact same product but for different prices. Listed below are steps to be followed to ensure that you don’t get ripped off when you could save a few dollars!

Low to high

Many of us shoppers may be guilty of doing it. Yep, search by; price low to high. But it really does work. Make sure to always set your search preference to price low to high. You would be gob-smacked to see that a product i.e. phone case can be cheaper on page one than page nine for the exact same style and design. These little things can put a smile on your face and save you from having that little regret moment on spending those extra dollars.

Just offer

They say you will never know unless you ask! So why stop at online shopping. When shopping around and see an item that you think is worth a little less than the asking price, make an offer to the seller. Offer them a price you think the items is worth but remains in a reasonable bracket. Usually, the seller will want to sell you the item and will accept your offer. Don’t be afraid to make an offer to the seller, after all, there’s nothing to loose.

Compare, compare, COMPARE!

Price comparing may be the most important form of saving money when shopping. It saves that feeling you may get when you have just purchased an item and next thing you know it, another store is selling it for half the price. Once you’ve chosen a product you are set on buying, be sure to compare it to other online stores. When you’re looking around for a coat for example, copy the description listed and put it through a Google search. You may be surprised about how many other stores will sell the EXACT same product. Look through several links in your search until you find the most suitable price for you. This technique can be substituted with practically any other product for purchase online. These techniques have been tried and tested and can be the result of saving a LOT of money. Online shopping requires ones attention to the little things that will have big impacts at the end. Whatever works best for you is a vital aspect of shopping, and more importantly, its about having fun! Image reference (“Shopping Online. Shop In Kiambu Blog Easily & Comfortably”. Kiambu Blog. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.)

Article written exclusive for IFDC by Israa Al-Tamimi

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