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Fashion bloggers are the future and I see this on a daily basis when I go through magazines, websites and social media. Stylists, fashion designers and photographers are all keeping a close eye on what fashion bloggers are doing to inspire them for new collections, interesting shoots and a fresh eye on style. Even TV has caught onto this with shows like “Fashion Bloggers” on E! Entertainment, giving us a glimpse of what it’s truly like to be a fashion blogger. Being from South Africa and being part of the blogging industry for a few years now, I have been inspired by many bloggers and their sense of style. Aisha Baker from BaketheBlog is one of my all-time favorites. She is edgy, daring, creative and keeps you entertained with every look she styles. Being featured in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and various TV shows in South Africa, Aisha is the perfect example of how you can make a living from following your dreams and passions. [trendmag_row] [trendmag_col size=6]fashion blogger 3[/trendmag_col] [trendmag_col size=6]fashion blogger 4[/trendmag_col] [/trendmag_row] Source for images: shot by Tegan Smith Photograhpy   Another inspiring blogger is Aqeelah Harron from Fashion Breed. Aqeelah is a world-traveller who started her blog as a form of an online fashion diary and now her brand has grown into one of the most recognized blogs in South Africa. She now focuses more on styling, but her personal style is sports luxe and high on trend which makes her a fashion icon to many of her followers.   [trendmag_row] [trendmag_col size=6]fashion blogger 5[/trendmag_col] [trendmag_col size=6]fashion blogger 6[/trendmag_col] [/trendmag_row] Source for images:   Saraah Nwaiei is brand new to the blogging industry but she is definitely not new to fashion – she loves embracing modest fashion and she reminds her readers in all her posts that modesty is beautiful and you must “rock it”! Her sense of style and love for fashion and beauty is very captivating and she is a trendsetter to watch in SA with her unique modest take on fashion! [trendmag_row] [trendmag_col size=6]fashion blogger 2[/trendmag_col] [trendmag_col size=6]cm[/trendmag_col] [/trendmag_row]   Fashion should be fun and you should express yourself through it and these fashion bloggers are the perfect examples of how you can be your unique self through clothes. For more info or to follow these bloggers, please see their details below:   Aisha Baker – Baked the Blog Instagram: bakedtheblog Aqeelah Harron – Fashion Breed Instagram: fashionbreed Saraah Nwaiei – ModestFashionBloggerSA Instagram: _Modestfashionbloggersa_   Ritza Janse van Rensburg    

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