Rule of 3: How To Dress To Impress For An Online Interview

Tip #1: Fully commit to the look!

While getting ready for an online interview, it can be tempting to only dress ‘half-way’, meaning you wear professional clothing on top and keep your PJs/casualwear on discreetly or even hide them underneath. Your first tip is to resist this urge and fully commit to wearing a complete ensemble. Yes, it’s an online interview but wearing a whole outfit will help you get into the mindset of putting your best professional foot forward.

Tip #2: Resist the urge to go neutral

Choosing what to wear for an interview is already a daunting task but when the interview takes place online, a lot of people are more likely to rely on neutral and plain colours. Dark colours such as black and grey is often the go-to as it’s perceived to be professional; however, it’s also known to be a fashion crutch. Try to avoid just wearing dark clothes as it may cause you to blend in with the other applicants who are wearing the same colour palette as you. If you choose to wear something dark, aim to pair it with an eye-catching, contrasting item that is a different colour e.g. a black blouse accompanied with a bright red blazer. 


Tip #3: Accessorise

Accessories tend to be forgotten about when preparing for an online interview but jewelry can put the finishing touch to any kind of business-type outfit. A good rule of thumb
would be to choose one simple accessory to avoid going overboard and maintain a professional appearance. Any kind of jewelry can be added – a penchant necklace, statement earrings or a range of rings on your fingers can elevate the clothes you choose to wear in your online interview.

Written by Hodan Mohamed.

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