Ramadan Cool Abayas

Latest-Abaya-Designs_Islamic-Abayas-2012-Indianramp.com_timthumb7aeb7fdcb049b32dc19af490e4a8c944 Abaya-Fashion-Muslim-Woman-Dress-Design-Islamic-Girls-Clothing-17 2-on-our-radar-bouguessa-stylish-modern-abayas-by-faiza-bouguessa 42960c5485b6390e3d1803c362179c9fWith the abaya being the choice garment for many of us who are juggling a full day of responsibilities whilst fasting, we put a few unique abaya concepts together for your consideration. Whether you need an easy to wear abaya for the office, on the run, or more on the dressy side, now the latest designs give you every option imaginable. This is no longer your mama’s abaya…the abaya design has come a long way. The creativity and flexibility of the garment allows designers to showcase creations beyond what was once a typical clothing item.

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