Raising Children and Preparing them for the Future

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One of the people I love to listen to Majid Alamri and you can follow him on Instagram and I just love some of the gems that he drops every day. On a recent one that I heard he spoke about how children and their confidence can be built if you just ask them for opinion. So if a parent just says what do you think? And tell them you make the decision gives them important. Their body posture changes, their confidence gets boosted, he says, And he does this with his kids and it’s really enlightening. When he talks about it. He says let them decide and give them the confidence boost. Take them seriously. build the confidence in our children, letting them know that in the family, their decision matters, and will be taken seriously it helps to build a leader who will create their own path and he really encourages people to try it with with their children. Because we’re living in a in a world today where the children’s minds are being hijacked with all the exposure that they’re getting to things that are very concerning, including their schools and the friends at school. And one day he says we will not be able to make decisions on their behalf so we must equip them on how to make their own best decisions and I loved it when he said, Let’s make a movement instead of saying let’s make a better world for our children. Rather, let’s make better children for our world. And all too often I hear of parents concerns increasingly every day amongst my friends, that they don’t want their kids to fall into the woke traps that we see today where there’s a stronghold and trying to confuse them questioning their gender and all sorts of perversions. We need to protect them from that. But we can’t because it’s everywhere. So we must teach them how to think critically. And I for one thing, that that’s something that every parent needs to step up.

Yes, I agree. But I see it also as a consequence of a total reversing of the traditional view of things where older people are supposed to know better than children. Today, I mean, it’s good to teach children how to be critical thinkers that put them in decision seats, could be in my opinion, something that is going over the line, because by definition children do not have all the information and all the maturity to make some decisions. So it’s good as the opinion to formulate why they have this opinion, and then show that maybe they’re missing some parts of the puzzle that would lead them to another opinion. I mean, empowering children that way in saying that they should be in charge and they should be deciding is totally in my opinion, the new way of thinking that is aligned to the infantilization of the whole society. Yeah, I agree. I think there’s

there’s definitely a mine and I think he definitely does draw that distinction obviously or you will you know, when you say allow them to make a decision. Obviously it’s not going to be something that’s a great nature. would be like Well, where do you want to go, you know, for your free time today, or where should I take you? You decide and you know, that was the example that he gave but they were at a amusement park and he said to his son, you decide what ride we’re gonna go on next. And he said I saw the whole body posture of my son change and you know, he sort of like took and owned that decision. And, you know, he led the family to that next ride that he saw obviously, it was on a level that’s more for the children. Definitely I agree with you. But do you agree that maybe today more than ever and of course always giving our children faith based values to compare life decisions to is the best gift we can give them? Just by teaching them for example, what is wrong and right by God’s standards and not by man senators, maybe we’ll help them keep them on track because what do we do to fight against even some of the teachers that are trying to indoctrinate this woke agenda on our children today in school?

Children have always acted upon examples or the elders. So it is up to the others to be role models and children’s are very much you know, humans are gregarious beings. Just imitate. Most of humans are probably imitating what they see around them and what they deem the right way because it is the common way. And so I think it falls on the shoulders of adults to protect but then what do you

what do you do when you have a teacher who’s being the wrong example and the child is being exposed to that so how does a parent try to do whatever they can to protect their child from being hijacked from their minds being hijacked with with today’s movements? This is exactly the conundrum

because you feel like when you send your children outside of the house, when they come back, you have to undo a lot of the damage that’s been done that is out of your control. Yeah, because they

genuinely don’t know the answer on what is wrong and right. I mean, they’re learning they’re developing. They can, in my opinion, turn to a higher belief set, which is perhaps where our you know, we should be a little bit more stronger in the house to teach them that comes from a sound ideology. In, in our case, being in a Muslim household, and me growing up with Muslim parents, I was taught a certain ideology and it helped me tremendously to know my Muslim values. I inherently knew what was wrong and right on some levels, of course, it helped me to avoid the pitfall of like alcohol for example, or dating or peer pressure on, you know, doing drugs or doing something wrong or keeping the wrong friends. Because of the way my parents were raising me I kind of had this alert system inside me when I knew that something or someone wasn’t good for me. And I just wonder if that’s even more critical today than ever to really condition our kids at home to learn their faith based values and understand the importance of God and what God wants from us. than to just outsource that to teachers, who, in many cases can be enemy number one if they’re teaching our children the wrong things. Yeah, this boils down

to the role of parents versus the role of school traditionally, until recently, and before the government’s educational system, education which comes from a Latin word, which is to guide was really the family’s role. The school had the role to teach content, but the recipient and the way and the moral values etc. were dealt with within the society within the family. Now, it seems certain forces within governments are taking over even the role of I agree. Many people saw this by homeschooling their children, which becomes more and more illegal. I think at the end of the day, we live in a certain society. And there’s exactly this conditioning that goes both ways. When people have values and the values promoted by the people in charge of the society are counter to this ideology. There is a battle of conditioning children by definition, until they can think themselves and I think traditionally we put it around seven, or at least poverty. They are submitted to conditioning. Families can set an example. Yeah, children will do their experience. And we must not forget that children. The child is not like another child. A child is a developing being that is delivered into this world as a person. When people have several children that can be very different from each other. You have children who have a tendency to be more rebellious than others, some of those more obedient and the same education in these two child Children will lead to different results. Some children they want to do the experience. they want to break rules, before they face the consequences. It’s a terrible trial for parents who want to avoid this, they want to protect them from going into bad experiences, but some people need to go through bad experiences. And the way I see it is that the parents give the good exam. and the safe place to come back. If the child has to go into bad experiences, you will see that this memory of a safe place where you can come back, there is a home there is a home of these values. That’s solid and sound. It has to go a little bit further than that

today. I believe I believe today it has to go to the point of equipping the children okay. I agree. Give them a safe place. Give them as much of the best of your wisdom as you possibly can help them to develop to be their own thinkers. But there’s a little bit more is when the kid is out there on his own. To be able to decide for this is wrong and this is right. I think if I look back and reflect on my childhood, maybe one of the things that could have been done a little bit better is instead of being told, Do this, it’s best for you. Maybe it could have been better for me to understand why something to do or not to do was better for me. I think a little bit more of a conversation around that. At least for me. I feel the way I was, you know my mind worked that would have really helped me as a child. I think what really did help me that was done well was that I had characters in my mind that were made as role models for me. So in my case, the Prophet Muhammad SAW them was really defined to me as you know, the of of goodness and piety and a good human being. So when I was told to follow certain things that you know, would be beneficial because he did them until I was given a personal relationship with him. I you know, I was then equipped with this idea that okay, you know, what would the Prophet do in cases like that? It wasn’t always something that was sort of, you know, within my reach to do but whenever I did do it, I felt that that was beneficial. So, maybe even mentioned a real life example, to the benefit of what to do and what not to do, will stick in the kids minds. It stayed with me up until, you know, my current days, so I do think that it’s impactful. I agree. Most humans

are driven by admiration. They are role models, they are proposed. And what has been happening over the last few years is that all great role models have been put down and replaced by heroes that are at the end of the day fake heroes, you know, the star system is promoting as examples people. When you scratch questions he’ll face are the marketing of terrible, terrible lives and usually end up very badly

proposing the hero model. You know, you want to resemble someone who you don’t

know when you’re being forced to look up to the wrong type of a role model or with the wrong characteristics. That’s dangerous. It is because

again, developing human beings, they want to follow an example. They want to follow example, an example that is admired because everyone is looking for something good at the end of the day, you know, this is why the character of the Prophet, the Sahaba it’s so important to share and to propose as a modern. Yeah,

I mean, it’s possible. And I say this only because I was raised with with an Islamic value system, and I’m so grateful for it genuinely. And it’s possible that Islam is attacked so much because it’s a path to overcome the trappings of the system. So it’s a threat to any narrative that is trying to abuse us and our children and maybe that’s why there’s such a, you know, perceived sort of negative spin in the media because it could be done by design. Because it can be a threat, if someone starts taking on the profits as their role models are really, really starting to reflect on what God wants us. To do and not do that can be problematic for the people that really want to design you through their narratives instead. Yes, I agree.

Taking the profits are the worst dilemma as a role model is a way to be absolutely free from any influence that will be surrounding us. And astonishing enough when you study his life and his character is astonishingly modal and unkind and totally adapted to what we need is a solution, right? And it happens to be a solution for

all times which is which is really the the real litmus test for wisdom, right? Wisdom is age old. It doesn’t have to change that wisdom applies throughout time because that’s, you know, what human beings need is is proper, authentic wisdom. Yes.

We are so fortunate to have all of this very well documented in the Sunnah. Because, of course, his ways was an extreme example, set for humans, that it was not so different than the wise ways of the ancients. But today, all of this wisdom has been replaced by ideologies that go towards more and more pleasure driven with short short timeframes, you know, you get your pleasure, but whatever the consequences in a year or two years or 10 years. so if we want to go back to what is human morality, that is trial results, we have the documentation for the Sunnah, of course, the problem I see is that some of the Sunnah considerations have been put together, and, you know, reflected upon by people in a different period of time like 500 years ago, 1000 years ago. And the principles of the life of the prophet could be reassessed according to all times. So, you think texts of great masters and so you derived from the principles of the life of the prophet and what he did discriminated what was appropriate to say the culture of his time from what was a universal moral behavior of a proper human being, specifically to to the solution of the counting of his behavior was mixed. With their own culture. So we should be able to do this work of again, concentrating on what were the principles

and applying those to

remove everything that is cultural, because most of these people will leave around the Mediterranean. And most of their consideration was very tainted by their culture, which is not bad because we are all humans and we only within a culture, we must absolutely separate the principles, the universal from the controls implementation of these principles. So following the way device by the very great intellectual or Egypt or 500 years ago is probably not the way to go because it doesn’t apply. Right.

And, and that’s what’s really interesting about the lessons that we learned from the life of the prophet Muhammad SLM.

We look at those scenarios and those examples and those wisdoms and somehow we know that once they’re applied relevant to our times and to our lives, kind of start building your own system by which you inform your life decisions. And those that aren’t aware of how dangerous and scary life has become for children especially and the the hijacking that’s going on of the attempts to get out their minds and their characters and their development. Just look at pretty much all the big brands out there that are despicably low in their moral compass. I was disgusted actually, when I was surfing, some videos to really understand a little bit more about you know what child experts have to say about development and the challenges of today. I came across that imbalance. Yaga, for example, is using children in their latest ad campaigns in disturbing imagery.


kids have been promoting handbags is a mystery altogether, but their inappropriate messaging around kids is deeply sick. I just want to share with you a small clip by Tucker Carlson Carlson who actually talks about it and I I was quite blown away let’s let’s listen.

But it’s not just a line that has always been a quality that has always been a must in a civilized society always. It’s considered unacceptable amongst prisoners now growing concern the latest clothing brand they’re using features that don’t bear any point of course the point is asked in law I talked today what it is what it appears what you want it to know so we’re gonna have to take that we have an entire country comprised. If you’ve ever been on Twitter, you know, we know that entire sector of our economy is devoted towards falling short of democracies. And here is a high end retailer. In an Instagram and nobody knows. boycotts are. The advertisement is worse than getting one explanation for what this was.

With teddy bears in Supreme Court decisions breaking down at this point on the table. Your face but no

one. Give me that. Oh my god. I’m incensed by this. I am so livid. And this is what’s happening. In our world.

Well, I’m not surprised. Let’s say the effort to bring down old taboos, one after the other. It’s not that you attack a taboo front hand. You You make people and sensitive eyes to this thing. And it has been many years where child pornography and pedophilia has been attacked in the media, like a very bad thing. But it was presented to people again and again and again and again. Until you know it’s it’s like these strategies against allergies where you you cannot stand peanut butter that they will expose you to meet another until you don’t care anymore. And I feel that people you have a very strong reactions, when many people will say oh, but it’s so prevalent. So what’s the big deal and then it’s one step further to making it normal.

So are there any parents out there who are still letting their kids on social media? Video games where they know they have their pick? Captive Audience in your kids, and they want your kids to play video games are you not aware what our TV and movies where the most disturbing imagery is snuck in, and the parent doesn’t even know. Get your kids off of all of these things? People it’s going to destroy them. It’s time to take back your children and raise them so that you don’t outsource this to video games and television and social media and school teachers. Oh my god, I never thought I’d have to say that and it’s really sad. Or even friends for that matter. Where’s the moral outrage? He’s wanted? Why are you know, I these things still being totally why are we tolerating celebrities that support or promote Valencia Agha, or any of the major brands out there who are committed to promoting us and our kids? Can everyone please stop having anything to do with the Kardashians, for example, who are dripping in Balenciaga? And all these other despicable brands that stand for nothing good. Just refuse to even hear their name again. They’re such big proponents of so much that’s wrong Kim Kardashian for one is one of their biggest mouthpieces for Valenciana. As you know,

we live in a time of great fit now. So it’s a concept of yoga is a concept that people have tried. Why is because in order for what is hidden to be manifested, so everything all of this is under the guidance of Allah you must never forget that. It is just showing you where things are at one because it’s showing me Yes, and I pray

that it’s showing the parents will have a responsibility to intercept now, it comes back to the notion

of community because if you just forbid your children to have access to social media you will have them in a different way, because they will feel as outcasts socially awkward people you know, and you cannot keep them in a house totally isolated. So you need to make relationships and communities of like minded people who see the danger where children can express themselves and be unity that is driven by other values, right.

I don’t even know how to work this. And I don’t know how to say this. But I remember there was a time and even now there was a huge outcry that by disproportionately highlighting gays and trends repeatedly in the way that it’s being done will lead to a sexualization of children that over the years, and many laughed and roll their eyes and look at what’s happening right before us has to be stumped. It’s despicable. What’s up rollin this how do we make it happen? You just use it again.

We come back to setting an example and speaking the truth as much as we can as the profit advisor if you if you cannot stop something with your hand, speak against it. And if you cannot be clear in your heart. The thing is the consequences of all of this will be shown many years where it will be too late for many victims. And it’s true what you said. I mean,

I felt so helpless. When I saw this when I when I heard this. The only thing I could do was I took to my email and I wrote the CEOs lunch yada and Cedric Jarvis and I could only find one email address that seemed relevant which was a shareholders email. Address, I’m sorry, at caring and so i i It’s called the email addresses on there@caring.com. If you go to caring.com, you can look it up and find it. And I see seed business of fashion, the publication that just loves to tout all the AGA and and all the other brands that are very guilty of wrongdoing, but they don’t seem to ever highlight that. So I directly copied Imran Ahmed, who is the CEO and the founder of Business of fashion, because I don’t know what else to do. I wrote the following message and I’m awaiting a reply but I do understand that there’s been a lot of outrage and I encourage everybody to write to these people. You must write to the CEO of Valencia Agha expressing your disgust and even Imran Amma the business of fashion who never seems to ever pick up stories like this. I don’t know why. So this is where I wrote attention. Cedric Charmouth, the CEO of balenciaga. And Imran Ahmed, who is the head of this is a fashion you must take full responsibility for Balenciaga proactively stooping to one low place from another this practice we know it’s common knowledge and yet again, you take the lead with your pedo perverted mind. I and billions of people around the world find it despicable, that you are using children in your ads, let alone to make them subject to your sick pedo persuasion making them whole teddy bears wearing bondage gear and showcasing papers that are ruling out child porn. You people are sick, and millions will continue to stand up against you. The entire company and the work of business of fashion is also complicit and will remain so until they publicly reprimand and denounce Balenciaga in every way on their platforms. we name him Ron and with lancea this perverse offenses against kids and anyone else who has given this sick brand any exposure or support, and now remain silent on their attempts to promote six abuse such as there are many people talking about this matter online. Here is one short clip out of the videos and podcasts the exposing Balenciaga and I put that same clip that we just heard with Tucker Carlson on behalf of the many concerned parents and decent human beings out there. we demand from Cedric, a strong retraction apology and denouncement of your ads and behavior immediately. And we demand that Imran do everything possible to publish expressions of disgust against Balenciaga’s actions on business of fashion and other publications he has influence over. Do the right thing for a change. And I signed off. I do want to note that Balenciaga and it was pathetic. The the statement that they put out there after after facing a lot of backlash, where they basically distance themselves and they said, Oh, it wasn’t us. It was I think they, if I’m not mistaken, blames it on the set director. And I know for a fact and many people know, for a fact you don’t even have to work in the fashion industry to know this. That these brands don’t let anything through without checking it with a fine tooth tooth comb themselves, so there is no way Balenciaga didn’t know. So their pathetic response is not good enough. And we must stand against them. And we must stand against these brands. And we must actually just stop giving them any kind of attention or business. Stop buying it people. I think that’s the way to go.


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